Letters from the Issue of August 28, 2008

Judge for Yourself

Skewed reporter: How much did Tim Elfrink get paid for the obvious endorsement of one candidate and slander of another in "Take This Corona. Please." (August 21)? I read this paper all the time, and there's a lot of interesting work. I have never commented before, but this article is just too skewed to be coming from an unbiased opinion.



Ricardo Corona

Via Web Commentary

Or skewed candidate?: You base your article around how contributions could make judges biased and favor the attorneys who donate to them. Wouldn't Abby Cynamon be more likely to grant favors since, as you say, "She's been gathering contributions since early 2007 and has pulled in more than $69,000 from hundreds of donors, including dozens of lawyers and law firms such as Richard Baron & Associates, Mandel & Mandel, and Damian & Valori"?


Via Web Commentary

Drink It Up!

And pay through the gills: One of the quotes in Lee Klein's "Kick the Bottle" (August 14) that really made me laugh was "Water is water." No it isn't!

Have you ever wondered why so many of the imported beers taste better than our American-made brands? It is because the water is different abroad. No, water isn't water! In America, our water has fluoride added to it by government order, supposedly to help with growing strong bones and teeth.

My family owned the two best Italian restaurants in Miami Beach — The Red Devil and The Villa Nova. If a customer asked for Saratoga Vichy water (ever heard of it?), we didn't say "have some good old tap water."

When it comes to fine-dining and restaurant reviews, please be aware that the best guide to dining spots in Europe — The Michelin Guide — had to admit that many of its restaurant reviews were false because the critics hadn't been to many of the restaurants they'd reviewed for two or three years.

Mayor Manny Diaz is quoted often in your article; I believe he's a partner in a restaurant. Why don't you ask him if his menu includes bottled water? Hypocritical, don't you think?

In a world of sensation, everything depends on experience. Rain is one thing to a man, still quite another to a tree, and still somethnig else to a hill or mountain. There are different tastes no matter what, and I enjoy Pellegrino.

Ronald C. Rickey

Miami Beach

Questionable Question

Let's throw a celebration: In response to Arielle Castillo's "Joyful Noise," published August 14: Here's another "philosophical" question for you: When a writer with supposed knowledge about Joy Division calls the band's final song ever written "Celebration" instead of the actual title, "Ceremony," is she:

a. with her head so far up her ass that she genuinely made a slipup because well, her head is way up there?

b. full of shit to begin with and should stick to writing pieces about teenage mall metal bands such as Black Wave (or whatever their name is)?

c. just made an honest mistake, isn't full of shit, but still needs to shut up and stop being part of the No Fun Club?

d. all of the above?

Oh No


Man Up, Guv

You're a real cutup: I just loved Tom Francis's paper doll makeover of Charlie Crist, "Man Up, Charlie!" (August 7). The only thing missing in the kit was a different facial expression. Wherever Charlie goes, he presents a smiley-trained face. The only photo op that has displayed his seriousness was the one where he was being informed about the state's rubber-stamp mortgage licenses for 10,000 felons.

Perhaps he was remembering Harry Truman's code of ethics: "The buck stops here." Then again, maybe he can hatchet his regulator, Don Saxon; clear his name; and put back on his smiles — maybe even in the White House as VP.

Robert Fourmier



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