Letters from the issue of August 26, 2010

Spinning Wheels

Money to burn: So, what was the point of this whole story about teenage racecar driver Tristan Nuñez ("Stop Your Engines," Lisa Gartner, August 19)? Rich kids can do whatever they want, while the rest with talent but no funds can just wish upon a star? Livin' the American dream — one rich teenager at a time.



pay-to-play racing

Checkered flag: Please. Please. Please! Next time you have an article about racing, get somebody who knows something about the sport or at least does a little research. A few points: Ride buyers have always been a part of racing. It isn't a new phenomenon. Some of the greatest racers in history, such as Niki Lauda and Michael Schumacher, started as ride buyers. Tristan Nuñez is a karter with average talent and a rich sugar daddy. The paddock is full of both.


Cops and Pols

Clean slate: A former police chief accusing the mayor of corruption on Facebook is another prime example of Hialeah politics ("The Low-Down in Hialeah," Francisco Alvarado, August 19). Ex-Chief Rolando Bolaños's family deserves every horrible thing that happens to it! And as far as Mayor Julio Robaina is concerned, he is no better than ex-Mayor Raul Martinez. I say take them all down and start fresh. Let's bring in some new blood, and maybe we can get some honest people in charge and turn this town into truly the City of Progress!

M. Rod

Straight shooter: I've known former Hialeah Police Chief Rolando Bolaños and his son Daniel for many years. This man is a straight shooter and always has been — first as chief of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and then as chief of the Hialeah PD. Sure, Daniel had some issues as a cop, but when you're dealing with the scum of this county, you can't be a nice guy. I wish nothing but the best for both. And I applaud Rolando for exposing Mayor Julio Robaina. Corruption? In Hialeah? In Miami? By Cubans? Nah, it can't be! This guy Robaina has no place in politics. The only place he belongs is in a federal prison. And doing a long stretch!

Carlos C.

Bad fellas: In Hialeah politics, everybody is full of crap, and everybody watches everyone else's back. In this mob, they are all fiends. The sad part is that hard-working, low-paid taxpayers are providing these politicians with money they are unable to make themselves. It feels like Cuba — a few SOBs control and manipulate a vast mass of poor people.


Stop the Presses

Magnum force: What a racist and biased article ("Luke's Gospel," Luther Campbell, August 19)! Calling for the firing of Miami Police Chief Miguel Exposito sounds like the same old rhetorical African-American outcry. Oh, whitey shot a wonderful black community member. Give me a break! This guy was a delinquent, and the officers had no choice but to respond with violence.


Where's the beef?: So, your proposal is that by firing the police chief, the streets of Liberty City will be safe to walk and play in? It's amazing. I read your articles thinking maybe the content will have some substance or quality, but they never do. Just keep writing about how you started Southern rap or whatever you call it.

Caeser Palache

Take a ride: I have proudly served this community and placed my life on the line every day along with many of our city's finest. To say that the mayor should bring in someone to protect residents from trigger-happy officers is not only inaccurate but also irresponsible. I work in Overtown and Liberty City and invite Mr. Campbell to ride along with our brave officers who patrol these very dangerous streets so that he can see firsthand the difference we make on a daily basis. A person who is better known for booty-shaking songs, putting half-naked women to dance for little kids onstage, cursing, and degrading women is no expert on police tactics or procedures.


Hire John Birch: Wow. So when will the KKK get a section in New Times? This article is so racist, just like all the other articles Luther Campbell writes. If the residents don't like the image that is being portrayed, they need to do things to fix it. Let the police officers do their job, and stop putting the blame on them.

Guy Raymond

Last letter: Luther Campbell's articles are merely an avenue for New Times to ruffle our feathers without taking the heat. It's a gimmick for us to pick up this rag. To get Luther to stop spewing garbage, we must stop writing letters in response. Remember, any response is a good response. Stop writing, and Luther will go away.



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