Letters from the Issue of August 13, 2009


Spaniards stink: What a joke! Is "He Buried Che" (Tim Elfrink, August 6) seriously wasting six pages on this idiot's story? If Gustavo Villoldo wants "justice," how did his family of Spanish bloodline come into this fortune to begin with? Taíno Indians inhabited Cuba before the Spaniards enslaved them, stole their precious metals, and raped them for 400 years. Cuba's elite possibly needed to be checked, as would anyone who directly caused cultural genocide to a people through enslavement. This is imperialism, controlling others for personal gain. Just because it was done long ago doesn't make it OK.

I understand Che's message: He wanted people liberated from imperialists. Killing them doesn't make him a monster any more than the men who exacted revenge for "stealing" their imperialist family's assets. The media and history can slant anything they wish, but what goes around comes around. America will eventually pay for murdering for oil, black ops missions empowering South American dictators such as Pinochet, our own long history of Native American genocide, stealing from less affluent countries, and manipulating trade agreements through NAFTA and WTO.


Gustavo Villoldo




The judge is a fink: First off, Che didn't kill this gusano's daddy. Gustavo Villoldo's papi swallowed a bunch of pills and committed suicide. Would we blame George Bush for every suicide of an Iraqi in Iraq?

Gustavo will never see any of that bogus $1 billion judgment. It was a moronic ruling by a judge pandering for the geriatric exile vote.




Batista is a turd: Gustavo's daddy was an oligarch who couldn't have cared less that the mafia alongside President Fulgencio Batista turned Cuba into America's whorehouse and killed 20,000 of his fellow countrymen.

Gustavo's daddy couldn't have cared less that he had $100 million in property while 50 percent of the population lived in squalid shacks and 40 percent couldn't read or write.

These were the conditions that allowed Fidel and Che to rise to power.

Steve Jones



Che is gutter scum: Che was the worst assassin my country has known. If after 50 years of dictatorship, repression, misery, 20 percent of the population in exile, and thousands of murders (a good chunk of them carried out by Che) anyone still tries to find an excuse for the worst tyranny on Earth (50 years and counting, no free elections in sight), that person is nothing but an idiot or a scumbag. It's only poetic justice that Gustavo Villoldo got to bury Che.




Gustavo's dad is a coward: Avenging death with human life proves nothing. It is an act of cowardice. Gustavo should sue the company that made the sleeping pills.


Miami Beach


Critics are crappy: To those who after all these years are still defending the worst dictatorship on the face of the Earth — shame on you! Dr. Ernesto Guevara was not the troop medic for the Granma invasion; he was there for the International Communist Party. That's why he kept bullets instead of medical supplies during the first battle; he had no intention of saving lives. He completed his mission in Cuba and moved on to the rest of Latin America. Thank you, Bolivian President Barrientos, for exterminating that pest.

I think we exiles should file suit against the Castro brothers for kidnapping 7 to 8 million Cubans, murdering thousands of people during and after the revolution, stealing our land, and provoking the largest mass exodus in the history of mankind (Mariel broke up our families, yes!). They should pay restitution plus pain and suffering for all of us here in exile from 1959 till today!

Oscar Y. M. Abreu

Cutler Bay


Gustavo should rot: The true heroes in this story are Che Guevara and Fidel Castro for wanting to bring down a regime responsible for the genocide of its own people. This murderer's father killed himself. If anything, Gustavo should be rotting in prison right now.




One lover: I found Gustavo Villoldo to be a fascinating person. I felt nothing less than respect for his determination to bring his father's killers to justice by whatever means necessary. His life story is an example of how legends come into being!

Chet Reynolds



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