Letters from the issue of August 12, 2010

Good Call

Never quit: Wow. What a great story ("He's Out!" Gus Garcia-Roberts, August 5). Umpire Nelson Diaz deserves a chance. His story represents to me what America is about: a place where hard work and dedication are rewarded. Obviously, this man is respected and renowned in his field on an international level. Nelson, please do not give up — learn English and knock on the door with a heavy hand. Sooner or later, someone will have to open it.



Nelson Diaz

Dream big: I think Nelson should be umpiring in the big leagues. He was the best umpire in Cuba, and everyone comes to this country so their dreams can come true.


Big deal: Just because he is Cuban, he deserves his start in the big leagues? Please. This is about umpiring. There are many, many great umpires who never have been able to climb the ranks to the majors.


Nobody here: Many guys come over here (from wherever) and have to start from scratch! A big shot in Havana? Big effing deal. This is the USA. He will have to do a lot more than be an umpire on some godforsaken island to be somebody.

David Goldstein

Greatness: The people who saw Nelson in Cuba have to recognize a great professional umpire. He was able to get the respect of the fans, the players, and everybody who saw his performance. I was a great fan of baseball on the island, and I never remember him making a bad decision. Welcome to the USA, Nelson and family. I wish you success. Great is great, here as well as there. People are sure to stop you to shake your hand in sign of appreciation for your meritorious work.


One Expensive Seat

What money can't buy: There has to be a halt to rich folks buying their way into a political seat ("Face the Nation," Tim Elfrink, August 5). A law needs to be passed that restricts a person from donating no more than the limit — $2,400 — to themselves. Marleine Bastien has worked for 30 years helping people in District 17. What has Rudy Moise done? As for life experiences, he might have a lot of a rich-man's experiences, but Marleine knows the real-life experiences of thousands of poor people in our district and has spent her life helping them.


See the light: This was an insightful but tasteless article. I originally supported Philip Brutus, but after meeting Mr. Moise when he knocked on my door, I decided to support and vote for him. I believe we need new leadership, and Rudy Moise has my vote.

Jean Pagenel

Injecting Race in the Race

Looking out for one: Neither Bill McCollum nor Rick Scott has the slightest idea of what to do as Florida's governor ("Luke's Gospel," Luther Campbell, August 5). It is well known they are in it for their own personal agendas. Neither one gives a damn about the state or any of its citizens — or at least the ones whose annual income is under $200,000.


Race baiting: The reference to the Ku Klux Klan is uncalled for. Where is the NAACP when you need it? It never seems to be about issues, character, experience — only black and white. Enough with the race crap.

Rick S.

Stick to singing: That was hard to read. Luther Campbell's hate and ignorance have clouded his judgment. What can you expect from an individual whose claim to fame is penning "Throw the D*ck"? This is not a good omen for New Times. Maybe you need to look under some other rocks to find contributors.


Get with it: Luke, you are right. What are the Democrats waiting for? I see the governor's race as a joke, and we the people need to stop being apathetic and get involved in the process. If the Republicans get control again, the middle class can see the rest of the little wealth it has go once again to the top 1 percent.

Juan Montes

Doctor James

Sick priorities: Is LeBron James going to find the cure for pancreatic cancer also? ("The King's New Neighbors," Michael E. Miller, August 5). This idiot shoots a ball into a hoop and gets paid millions of dollars for that, and we can't pay our doctors millions for trying to find the cure for pancreatic cancer? What a great country. The idiots in Miami wearing "Wade County" T-shirts look like a bunch of fools, and half of them can't even afford tickets to a Heat game.



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