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Letters from the Issue of August 10, 2006

The collected works are coming: I was reading your art capsules and wanted to say congratulations to Carlos Suarez De Jesus on his fine and thoughtful writing. Someone should write about his work at some point. Hopefully he would agree.

Tina Spiro

The 52nd State

Indefinite detention in every pot: In response to "Adios, Fidelito" (August 3) by Rob Jordan, Calvin Godfrey, Emily Witt, and Francisco Alvarado. After Castro, will the U.S. seek to impose its type of democracy and rename the island Guantanamo?

Keith Nolan

Emancipation Proclamation

Don't mess with my Mimi: In response to Alexandra Quiñones's Live Wire review about Mariah Carey (August 3): I don't agree with the article. Mariah is known worldwide as the biggest-selling female artist of the nineties, with 170 million CDs sold, a net worth of $250 million, and the biggest-selling CD of 2005. Mariah is not perfect; I don't think one failed movie, one soundtrack CD that supposedly flopped (yet still sold more than a million copies), and a private meltdown that included dealing with 9/11, a bad relationship, and the public turning against her could be considered an embarrassment.

Mariah's accomplishments are deemed as such. She saved my life and countless others with her songs: "Fly Like a Bird," "Can't Take That Away from Me," "Butterfly," "When You Believe," "You Can Make It Thru the Rain." We, her fans, love her and appreciate her. She's imperfect and allowed to make mistakes. Enough is enough. No more talk of Glitter, please. Let her star rise, hater.

Ty Tindell

Camel Lot

Refreshment for the parched: In reference to "Welcome Home" (July 20) by Lee Klein: I stopped in at the Oasis and had one of the loveliest meals since moving here — really fresh ingredients, creative food, and very reasonable. Klein did a real service reviewing this restaurant.

Parking is a nightmare, of course. Thanks.


Art Capsules

Brenda Ellis
Miami Beach

Sorrow for Victims

Tragedy is compounded by injustice: Regarding Trevor Aaronson's "The Miami Strangler" (July 20): This is exactly what is wrong with our justice system, which claims to be the greatest legal system in the world. I was a cop in Miami for 22 years before I retired; I saw many more injustices committed in the courtroom than I ever saw justices. It turned my stomach to sit there, day in and day out, and watch justice perverted by such a hypocritical system. I feel so sorry for the victims of these crimes, for I know they will never get justice, not in our court system, and not in our lifetime.

Mike Berish
Via the Internet

Watch Where You Walk

'Cause the sidewalk talks: In reference to Francisco Alvarado's "Ghetto Governor" (July 20): Once upon a time and not too long ago, commissioners were elected countywide in (then) Dade County. And it was good. That is, unless you were a member of a minority. Then, regardless of your qualifications, you were not able to attain a seat on the Dade County Commission.

The last time I read about Dorrin Rolle's role in the James E. Scott Community Association (JESCA) he was its chief executive officer earning around $125,000 per year. That wasn't too long ago; and as often, it was not good press. When did he get a raise? Who gave him $167,528? The commissioner takes good care of himself: expensive jewelry, cars, and dressing as a fashion plate. The Miami-Dade Commission takes good care of him: a $6000 salary, $18,000 expense account not requiring receipts, a car allowance, wonderful benefits, and an excellent retirement package. I wonder what he gets besides salary from JESCA.

With the September elections soon to be upon us, Commissioner Rolle and too many other undeserving commissioners stand to rake in more public money if we are foolish enough to vote in favor of a real salary ($86,000). What I want to say to the commission is this: Change the charter. Commissioners may not hold any private job where public money or public business is in any way involved.

Alan Rigerman
Palm Springs North

Meat Is Still Murder

Food without a face: In reference to "Foie Wars" (July 13) by Lee Klein: Force-feeding ducks is cruel, and we should not be cruel to anything. It's the golden rule: "Do unto others...." Our mothers told us this a long time ago. But this old saying is false: "Ignorance is bliss." Ignorance is not bliss; ignorance is arrogant stupidity and irresponsibility. Many of the farm animals in the U.S. are force-fed animal parts, garbage, pesticides, feces, antibiotics, and steroids.

We don't have to eat contaminated meat, milk, and eggs. In fact we don't have to consume animal products at all. We can live a perfectly healthy life eating just fruits, grains, and vegetables.

Chris Collard
Boca Raton

Active awareness: I was in Miami recently and picked up a copy of New Times. Thank you so much for your wonderful piece "Foie Wars" by Lee Klein. I was sickened by the horrible truth about what these poor creatures are made to endure, and no one to save them. All so someone can eat a meal that will be gone down the toilet the next day. And all for money.

I have been a dabbler in vegetarian eating but never had the courage to go all the way. I found that courage in your article, and my animal consumption days are over.

Julianne Hernandez
Key Largo

Live Wrong

Sting like a Beehive State: The article by Emily Witt, "Tour de Dope" (July 27), was an excellent and timely piece.

Chris Davidson
Salt Lake City, Utah


Owing to a reporting error, a quote regarding the palatability of goose liver was incorrectly attributed to chef Michael Bloise of Wish in the July 13 story "Foie Wars." The passage actually came from a story on the same subject by New Times Broward/Palm Beach food writer Gail Shepherd.


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