Letters from the Issue of April 9, 2009

Sunken Treasure

Tell him something he doesn't know: Gus Garcia Roberts's April 2 story, "Treasure Island," is old news. I tried telling everyone, including New Times and government officials, about this problem years ago when I was the powerless third member of the Grandview Palace Board of Directors mentioned in the article.

Everyone along the chain of command knew Dr. Edwards and his son were up to no good. I resigned in disgust after witnessing the apathy from the top down.


Grandview Palace

Grandview Palace serves as a reminder of how the legal mafia rewards unethical and incompetent behavior in Florida. Until legislation is passed, we are all victims of rogue attorneys and doctors who abuse the broken justice system because there is no real penalty.

Victor-Hugo Vaca II


All Hail the Chief

Get off our cops: Francisco Alvarado's April 2 piece about the Biscayne Park Police Department ("Cop Land Revisited") presents a thin, shadowy, and unconvincing case. Many of us in Biscayne Park have stories of earnest bad moments with some of the police here, but this trial-by-media helps no one. Attorney Robin Hellman concludes "so many officers [as plaintiffs] in such a small department [is] a problem." Well, maybe not: Biscayne Park can be a myopic, Peyton Place/Mayberry sort of neighborhood where small cliques gather and fester.

Some of the issues brought up are puzzling and almost humorous. Why the implied problem of Chief Mitchell Glansberg and others not responding to calls? It is hardly unusual for people involved in a pending court case to keep to themselves until the trial. Why the big deal made of Chief Glansberg having favorites? Please show me an employer who doesn't have favorites. Given the murders, rapes, assaults, and armed robberies that go on daily in Miami, why the big deal of a missing small bag of pot? And what the hell is the purpose of the photo of Ms. Hellman? It's not news that the New Times can engage in some pretty odd journalism, but this is a cake-taker.

Many of us who have known Chief Glansberg over the years find him to be a steady, intelligent guy who listens well and does his best to exercise good judgment. We would be taken aback if much of what's implied in this story were true. He and his officers make mistakes, much like New Times has for publishing this poorly researched, superficial, and peculiarly slanted story. The BPPD has indeed shown some inexcusable and utterly unprofessional behavior at times, but to pin it on Glansberg is a long and flimsy stretch. If serious crimes have been committed, let's bring them to light and let the judicial system do its job.

There are good cops and bad cops everywhere — and bad cop stories always bring a crowd. I believe most of us here in the village are glad our officers — some less adept and more maladjusted than others, and many truly fine people — are here within minutes to deal effectively with bad guys. For in the end, the extremely low crime rate is why some of us chose to live here.

Bill Gordon

Biscayne Park

Leave us alone: I've lived in Biscayne Park since 2002 and have seen many changes. Some were good and some were not so good. Promoting Chief Mitch Glansberg and Capt. Antonio Sanchez has been one of the best changes. These gentlemen have single-handedly brought safety and security to this area. Between the chief's Nite Out events to the weekly stop checks, these two men are among the most proactive civil servants I've had the pleasure of knowing, and I am proud to call them friends.

Biscayne Park is an unpolished jewel floating in the waste that has become Miami-Dade County. Security and safety are what keep our community together. We have an enormous Citizens' Crime Watch family because, like our chief and captain, we actually care.

I've lived in Miami most of my life and can say this little town is what it is because of men like them.

Joe Chao

Biscayne Park


The April 2 art review, "Genius of Despair," erroneously stated Luis Brito was recently arrested for DUI. New Times regrets the editing error.


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