Letters from the Issue of April 8, 2010

Get Smart

Easy money: I feel sorry for Ana Margarita Martinez, but I don't think she should receive $27 million for being left high and dry by her husband ("The Spy Who Left Me," Francisco Alvarado, April 1). But then again, I guess I'd do the same thing to come into easy money.

Marisa Martinez


Get a job: This lady is taking advantage of a sad situation that many women find themselves in. Some men leave for another woman; Juan Pablo Roque was a spy who left her to go to another country. What hurts worse? But $27 million? You have to be kidding. Her ex-husband is not the one who will suffer by paying. If it were his money, I would say great, but it's not, so, Ana M., stop your act and go to work.

Felix Vall


Help out: Good luck with your case, Ana; you have certainly endured so much grief and pain. However, what you choose to do with an award of this magnitude will speak volumes about your character. Putting it to causes that will help our community, children, the elderly, etc., will speak louder than words and bring healing and unity to many in our community.



For richer or poorer: The lawsuit is frivolous. Even if he was a double agent, how is Cuba responsible? She decided to marry him, not the Cuban government. I hope she doesn't get a cent, greedy Cuban.

Patrick A.


No fidelity: Let's face it — she's in it for the cash. She needs to get over it already. Castro has deceived many people, not just her.



Play with fire: Ana Margarita was emotionally raped and taken advantage of by the Castro government. She is entitled to compensation. She was awarded it by the U.S. judicial system and is seeking rightfully awarded payment from the Castro government. Those who like to play with fire tend to get burned, and Castro's totalitarian regime is no different.

Miguel Bustillo


Sexual healing: This woman gives Cuban women a bad name. To be awarded $27 million is just ridiculous. And what she's trying to do is shameless. She never complained while she was enjoying sex with him. Why doesn't she work for a living like the rest of us? She's society's parasite.



Ground 'em: Ana Margarita won an award of $27 million from the Cuban communist government and has a right to collect it. If the flights end because the communists won't own up to the harm they caused, so be it. People who want to travel to Cuba were traveling there before these charter companies began providing services, and people will always find a way.

Tony Saiz


Flighty policy: I hope she wins and I hope they stop all the flights to Cuba, because we have a supposed embargo, and an embargo means no one can go. If this company figured out a way to bypass the embargo, that means it's either run by the Cuban government or deals with it directly.




What's new?: I don't think anything written in the past 50 years has been very original ("Posner the Plagiarist," Tim Elfrink, April 1). If you look at what Gerald Posner lifted, the original author probably lifted it from somebody else. Sour grapes. Congrats, Posner!

Tom Lowery


Plagiarism 101: Why did it have to take a grad student with anti-plagiarism software to discover this great transgression? Why hadn't other people questioned Posner's work?



No Pussyfooting

Getting back: Another well-written article by one of my favorite Miamians, Uncle Luke ("Luke's Gospel," Luther Campbell, April 1). Can't we understand why some girls try to get paid by gold-digging? Thousands of years of being victimized and brutalized in a male-dominated society can't help but produce vindictive behavior in some women. I ain't sayin' it's right, Luke. I'm just splainin' it a little, tha's all. Long live Luke!

Vance Jones


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