Letters from the issue of April 7, 2011

Hoop Schemes

Unreal: I must say your feature about how a small school in a homeless shelter netted a team of talented international basketball players is one of the greatest stories I have ever read ("Talent Trap," Gus Garcia-Roberts, March 31). What pure insanity.



Turkey Point

More kudos: This is the Miami New Times I know and love. Awesome hit piece!


Sex and Politics

Déjà vu: Your story about how Congressman Alcee Hastings is once again accused of malfeasance proves once more that he isn't someone the Democrats should be supporting ("Alcee in Dunderland," Bob Norman, March 31). Nancy Pelosi must have known all there was to know about Hastings, since she refused to appoint him chair of the Intelligence Committee.


Like magic: This guy was a federal judge who was impeached for taking bribes, then they gerrymander a congressional district to ensure that a black person gets elected, and — presto! ­— he gets elected to congress and continues his scams.


Naked Stance

Refocus: Regarding Luther Campbell's mayoral campaign promise to impose a stripper tax ("Luke's Gospel," March 31): There was another shooting in Overtown this morning. One of your homies shot up two other of your homies where kids were going to school. If you want to convince this community that you are for real, concentrate on the real issues — violence, drugs, gangs. Tell us how you will change the situation in Overtown and Liberty City. Don't tell us how you're going to tax strippers. Take on the drug gangs.

Carlos Cruz

Sign off: Mr. Luke, can we have a recall vote on you before you are even elected?


Brain Meltdown

Getting even: Your article about how FPL's Turkey Point nuclear plant is a disaster waiting to happen is absurd ("Nuketown," Gus Garcia-Roberts, March 31). First off, the source is a former employee who was fired and therefore has a motive to tarnish his previous employer. More important, he was only an IC tech, which means he did nothing more than work on meters. He doesn't have an operating license and probably has no idea how the plant or nuclear power itself works. His point that it's old is ridiculous. We're not talking about milk here. And extensions are not just simply "rubber-stamped" casually. Years of engineering evaluation goes into renewing a license. Nuclear workers have plenty of ways to bring up safety concerns, and industry-wide the culture is centered completely on the safety of the public. This guy is obviously just upset that he was fired and is using the disaster in Japan as an opportunity to strike back at his previous employer.


Safety valve: The real issue is that nuclear power requires massive amounts of government guarantees to be financially viable. If FPL's nuclear plants were subject to the scrutiny of a zealous insurance company protecting itself from all the liability of a plant disaster, that's when I'd feel the most safe. Remember, the Japanese plants were "regulated" by government.

Mike Moskos

Turkey Lurkey: Decades ago there was a test at Turkey Point based on pretending that the primary cooling system had failed. This should cause the secondary cooling system to kick in, but it proved to be defective. Not to worry, as there was a tertiary system. It also failed! The scenario described by Gus Garcia-Roberts is all too likely to happen. Shut the turkey down!

Richard Loerky

Food Fight

Second helping: In his review of Route 9, Lee Klein got this one wrong ("Road to Disappointment," March 31). Owners Paola and Jeremy Goldberg deserve an enormous amount of congrats for their first foray into the restaurant business at such a young age, and we should embrace them instead of cut them down for what Klein perceives as inconsistency. We need 20 more of these kinds of restaurants in Coral Gables. I have been to Route 9 maybe a dozen times since its opening, and each time the food is more polished and more flavorful. The food is a great representation of the couple — open, young, and vibrant.


On the mark: I read New Times primarily for the restaurant reviews and have been doing so for more than a decade. While not always agreeing with Mr. Klein, I respect his integrity as a critic who not only knows food but also how to write. Keep up the good work for those of us who want an honest opinion. We will continue to read you and, at times, even disagree with you.

Rich S.


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