Taking the Bait

Letters from the Issue of April 5, 2007

A reader on the hook: Regarding "Catch of the Year" (March 22) by Lee Klein: Damn, Lee, you did it to me again. I now have to go to that place! By the way, you don't like The Rusty Pelican?

Glenn Suarez


"Catch of the Year"

South Miami

Solid Gold

Whitney's cousin is in the pantheon, too: Regarding Steve Almond's "Dionne Warwick" (March 22): Thank you for writing a piece that gives Ms. Warwick the respect that she deserves. She's a national treasure like Patti, Aretha, and Gladys. Thank you, sir. My compliments to you.

Willy Sanjurjo


Shades of Obama

Spleen with envy: Regarding Bob Norman's "Shades of Truth" (March 15): These are a bunch of lies. This man can turn around our country for the better. These lies are Hillary Clinton doing her best to bring this man down. I am a woman and a Democrat, and I would not vote for her. She has a lot of baggage, and this guy spreading lies about Barack is a jealous man. He should shut up and let Barack do his thing. If he gets nominated for president, then you'll see them all coming out of the woodwork to have a place in Barack's camp. Just shut up. Go Barack. Love ya, man, and keep doing what you are doing — and don't pay any attention to these jealous people.

Phyllis Crookes

Via the Internet

He's no trickster: Thanks for the interesting read (Bob Norman's "Shades of Truth," March 15). Still, isn't it obvious that an interracial marriage, and a lineage to an African grandfather (who knew what prejudice was) are legitimate ways to connect Obama's history to the Civil Rights movement? It is not a trick; it is a direct response to the inquiries of black Americans about his understanding of their lives. Also if this other writer has been proven to be so irresponsible, why keep quoting his false words?

Mark Flanders

Via the Internet

Johnny B. Bad

No bread for you! OK, just one: Thank you yet again for a wonderfully informative review, "Johnny-Come-Lamely" by Lee Klein (March 8). An amateur, I wrote a little review of the Fort Lauderdale Johnny V on the Sun-Sentinel comments Website, and mentioned the same thing about the focaccia — one piece to a person. No more, no less. It was the weirdest thing. I guess it didn't sound believable because someone then wrote that I was a "crackpot."

I look forward to reading your reviews every week and can always count on you to tell it like it is. No ridiculous fawning hype, and no unfairly harsh personal attacks. Don't even get me started on Judith Stocks. Thanks again.

Coco Cowing

Fort Lauderdale

It's Not Porn

but it's close!: Regarding "Man on Man Action" (March 8) by Nathan Lee: The wait is finally over. After months of anticipation, the most awaited movie in the gay calendar has arrived in cinemas around the country. I recently watched in awe the monument that is 300 ... and it didn't disappoint.

In my humble opinion, this is the gayest movie Hollywood has ever made. Michael Wilkinson (the costume designer) deserves a GAYVN award for his revealing work; his Spartan uniform will become the quintessential Halloween costume for gay men for years to come. As a lover of men and movies myself, 300 has earned a spot in my ever-expanding gay porn collection.

However this Hollywood version does have its flaws. You are oh so right to call this movie both homoerotic and homophobic. Xerxes I of Persia is reduced to a transgender freak of nature. And even though the last thing I want to see is lesbian sex, the orgy scene full of disfigured women was offensive (I can't imagine even straight guys getting excited about that). As a history buff I was very troubled by the portrayal of Persians as grotesque and deformed monsters. These people founded the largest empire in antiquity, even larger than the Roman Empire. They deserve a lot better treatment than this.

Then again this is typical Hollywood fare. Perhaps if Oliver Stone had shown more male flesh in his Alexander, the movie would've been received more by curiosity than disgust. Hopefully 300 will start a new trend in American cinema. Can't wait for the sequel!

Francisco Contreras


A Streetcar Desire

Pack up the pachyderms: Regarding Emily Witt's "The Princess of Miami" (February 22): Imagine my surprise when I recently stumbled across a Ceylonese parade while hurrying after a bus. Yes! Right on Collins Avenue on Miami Beach — a fearful dancing dragon, a whole slew of rattling Thai percussionists, and — Good Ford! — Mayor Dermer himself riding in an open-top Jaguar, smiling and waving while seated next to a genuine princess. I kid you not.

And so shocked was I that when Judy, the elephant, paused briefly before me I mistook her for an S bus and attempted to climb on board. (Only the quick response of the mahout averted disaster.)

Do you think I would've gained my destination faster than by taking the bus?

Here's an idea for you, Mr. Mayor: Buy a fleet of pachyderms for the Beach instead of new buses — especially those cutesy-poo buses tricked up to look like trolleys; they're just a waste of our taxpayer money.

Listen, elephants will save you plenty on fuel, they're extremely eco-friendly, and the tourists'll love 'em!

Say, that sounds a lot like streetcars, doesn't it?

True, a streetcar won't give you that ton of manure for mulching the palms along Collins. Still, it's a great idea, don't you think? The streetcars, I mean.

Jeffrey Bradley

Miami Beach


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