Letters from the Issue of April 3, 2008

Something Stinks

Brandon K. Thorp's "Sour Milk" (March 27) is a great article and a fantastic critique of Edge Theatre's The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore. "Shatner biopic" is an understatement; rhythmically this thing sounded like a Ken Vandermark b-side. It's really bad when you simply cannot tell whether underacting or overacting is taking place. I suppose it's a bit of both. Miami remains the armpit of American urban theater.



Edge Theatre


You wonder why South Florida theater suffers? Maybe because of caustic club-boy reviewers such as Brandon K. Thorp. I was one of the audience members who has researched this "unpopular" Tennessee Williams work and was impressed just at the idea that such a small theater would even attempt this challenging play. I also was one who thought it was "amazing." Let's hope anyone who reads Mr. Thorp's opinion will see through his "blah, blah, listen to my cleverness" rhetoric. Instead of a constructive review, this sounds more like a personal attack on a specific actor. Hmm ... an unrequited crush?



Water Woes

Regarding Isaiah Thompson's "Poisoned Well" (March 20): In 1983, I designed the irrigation for the South Florida Reception Center on NW 41st Street. In 1999, when I repaired the 10-horsepower pump and began pumping 200 gallons a minute out of the well, I noticed large amounts of petroleum floating on top of the water. I told the captain and the warden about my discovery. They stated it was none of my concern and that if I wanted to stay there, I was to say nothing. I also was told about illegal burials of toxic waste from when they painted the prison's bus fleet, as well as a bulldozer that had blown a hose and dumped 50 gallons of hydraulic oil on the ground, which was covered up with dirt. If you want to know where the poison is coming from, that would be a good spot to test. I still live in Miami-Dade County. I drink only bottled water now.

Frank Ferris


It is incredible to me that New Times would take an article as well-researched and important to the citizenry of Miami-Dade County as Isaiah Thompson's "Poisoned Well" and bury it inside the Winter Music Conference issue. This story should have been front and center. It is obvious the writer worked his ass off on this article, and judging from the few comments posted online, I think the issue of water quality is a lot more important than the latest dance craze. I'm sure certain politicos and officials breathed a sigh of relief knowing you buried this article. Couldn't you have waited a week and put it on the front cover? You can redeem yourself by printing it again — only this time give the story its front-page due.

Skip Van Cel



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