Letters from the issue of April 28, 2011

Toke'n Politics

Tax the weed: Gradually we are realizing that Luke's call to stop jailing pot smokers is shared by many ("Luke's Gospel," Luther Campbell, April 21.) Remember Prohibition; let's regulate marijuana and tax it. We did it with tobacco and alcohol.

George G. Diaz


legalize marijuana

Big picture: I really want to know how serious you are about running for mayor of Dade County, taking nothing for granted, and addressing the issues that citizens are worried about: jobs/unemployment, violence, foreclosures, and the mess at Jackson Hospital. You need to be more visible, not taking anything for granted in the final weeks before the election.

Marva Lightbourne

Dumb idea: Let's legalize yet another drug so we can dumb up more people so we can fall further behind in world standing. Grow up, potheads!

J. Frybergh

Feds rule: Marijuana changes your mood and alters perception, which is exactly what any drug does. Because it comes from a plant (as well as cocaine and opium) is meaningless. If you want it legal, good luck running it through the FDA. And to the aspiring politician, I will remind you that federal law trumps state law — a lesson you should already know.


Check spending: It is a question of priorities. While we are stripping funds from education and other successful programs, we spend $7.6 billion every year in a battle against marijuana and in excess of $15 billion in the overall "War on Drugs." Personally, I would prefer to spend this money on education and teachers, not on chasing "potheads" who are primarily peaceful, everyday people who work hard to support families.


Laugh and eat: The law must be changed. Too many young women and men have their lives ruined because they were caught with a small amount of cannabis. The police should be free to protect us from violent, dangerous criminals, not worry about busting some folks who are hungry and amused.


Slick Rick: Something better change quick, cuz Rick Scott wants to privatize more state prisons. Lobbying for stiffer fines means Ricky getting fatter pockets cuz of the increase of inmates.


About time: It's about time someone spoke up on this issue. The herb is harmless and has never been known to cause death. Tobacco and alcohol are way worse substances, and marijuana could save Florida's economy. Keeping the herb illegal is only costing the taxpayers more, and busting people for a joint is not effective. Whether you are a toker or not, this law is ridiculous. Legalize it. It is time.

Matthew Earl

Whole hog: The proper course for Florida to take is full legalization. Why waste time and money on baby steps toward legalization when we can be efficient and do it right the first time?


Happy stoned: Smoking a joint is no crime. I've been a toker for well over 30 years and have never been involved in an accident because of the magic herb. I can function and think clearly when I'm stoned. No spinning rooms, no puking, no hangover. Keep this up and you might just win me over.


Trampled rights: If you're not willing to take action to help change the awful marijuana policy that has plagued our state and our nation for many decades, you have no right to complain when you or someone you know or love is harmed because of it. Every citizen is harmed by marijuana prohibition, not just those who use it for recreation. We are all funding this unconstitutional prohibition with tens of billions of tax dollars every year, and everyone is losing constitutional rights and liberties because of it.


Torn Apart

Hypocritical nation: Keeping Lyglenson Lemorin from coming here from Haiti to attend his son's funeral is a travesty of justice ("Heart of Ice," Tim Elfrink, April 21). It's really shameful how this country yells at and criticizes other nations for human rights violations, yet it has violated countless people's human rights by illegal detentions, state-sponsored economic warfare, and discrimination against the working and middle classes. This nation liberated itself from King George III to fall into a dictatorship of the greedy corporations and corrupt so-called representatives in Washington, D.C., who have no term limits and mooch off of our hard-earned money. This country's government and leaders are hypocrites.


Deserved it: Lemorin was here illegally, and he was hanging out with potential terrorists. They should deport the rest of his family.



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