Letters from the issue of April 21, 2011

Dumb and Dumber

Come on: The condom with handles Beau Thompson is trying to market is as useful as a submarine with a screen door ("Get a Grip," Gus Garcia-Roberts, April 14).

E. Kavet



Cool Hand Luke

Luke's Hail Mary: Thank you, Luke, for speaking the truth about how former Mayor Alex Penelas, who is running for his old seat in next month's special election, screwed the citizens of Miami-Dade County ("Luke's Gospel," Luther Campbell, April 14). Penelas cared only about his agenda, which was to get rich and leave office. I and other members of my family are voting for you, and I am finally grateful that someone who is in touch with the community all the time is running. We are praying for you here in Miami Gardens. Stay blessed, and screw the haters.


God save us: Penelas, like so many politicians here in South Florida, is crooked, yes. But he screwed Al Gore's campaign? Who was in charge at the polls back then? What color was she? Oh, right. Thought so. You, sir, are the worst thing that could happen to us all if you, and I write this hesitantly, get elected. I would move to Cheyenne, Wyoming, before living in a city where a racist pig with no political experience would rule after winning an election where the main theme is taxing strippers. Heaven help us all.

Carlos Cruz

Dear Luke: I would like to volunteer for your mayoral campaign. I was born and raised in Miami-Dade County and love this city with all of my heart. I believe your campaign has unlimited potential, and I want to help spread the word. I have always been very dissatisfied with our city politics at all levels. This is the first time in Miami's recent memory when I believe that a grassroots campaign like yours has a real shot at winning. We are living at a time when people are very vocal with their discontent with our current local government — just look at the Coral Gables mayoral race. I'm young, motivated, and have more love for Miami than I know what to do with.

Emily Nostro

No big deal: Wow, this article is a little biased. Name me a politician who hasn't gotten lobbyists or friends rich. Ha! Duh! Comes off like you don't like Cubans much.


Don't forget: Excellent. Many people have a short memory when it comes to their politicians. We need more reminders like this. In fact, a more in-depth exposé would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Wrong image: This is very insightful, but maybe using another photo of Uncle Luke would allow people to take these articles more seriously. Looks like he's checking out a lady's ass as she walks by.

Nick Lamont

R-E-S-P-E-C-T: We need a man of integrity and morals, not someone who would defend freedom of speech using profanity and questionable lyrics that serve to further the demise of our already misguided youth. Is there anyone out there who would stand for integrity, morality, compassion, equality, and respect for authority, governing with transparency and fairness? We need someone who can demand authority because he/she lives a life of utmost respect for all citizens, without futile promises, someone with good character who is accountable to the community he/she serves.


Listen up: You really do have your act together when it comes to the pulse of Miami politics. You are a man of the people and for the people. Keep up the great job of informing those who are not in-the-know!


Cop Out

Wrong message: Your article about how cop Jose Seiglie is overseeing the investigation into the gang unit he ran is absolutely correct ("A Fox in the Henhouse," Tim Elfrink, April 14). Seiglie's participation is in very bad taste and sends a very bad message about the importance the department places on fair and impartial investigations. It's way past time to do the right thing, and if police Chief Miguel Exposito intends to remain at the helm, he'd better do it right this time for fairness' sake!



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