Letters from the Issue of April 17, 2008

Drinking for Two

Regarding "A Pregnant Pause" (by Elyse Wanshel, April 10): That is incredibly hilarious. I'm totally going to try wearing a pregnancy pad at clubs this weekend. Well, not really, but I do wish I had thought of it first. It's interesting how men seemed more concerned about your fake unborn child than women did.



drinking while pregnant

Via web commentary

Certainly a drunk who also happens to be eight months pregnant would not be swayed by a stranger's efforts to highlight her risky behavior, so why should anyone put forth the effort? Free will exists so people can mess up their kids' lives in the name of a good time. I didn't find the piece interesting or funny; if I saw a pregnant woman out drinking heavily, I'd look on in disgust, but I know my time and efforts are better served getting involved in things I can actually have a positive effect on. Everyone knows women shouldn't get trashed when pregnant. Why should anyone feel the need to try to persuade someone else of that?


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Rudy Awakening

Thanks for telling it like it is in "Easy on Rudy" (by Francisco Alvarado, April 10). You deserve accolades for bringing the truth to light, even if the taxpayers don't care how their hard-earned dollars are spent. Let's see with this recession or depression if they want to continue to finance the elite few.

Congratulations on honest reporting. Two months ago, I dropped my Herald subscription after 42 years. Same old bull!

Bob Horton


Wrong Key

Thank you for your wonderful review of La Locanda in "Low-Key Glee" (by Lee Klein, April 3). In addition, it was good to have attention called to the truly strange ownership at Harrison's.

I too was wooed into working there with promises of renovations and the opportunity to make wonderful food. (Didn't happen.)

Thanks for your contributions to Miami's ever-evolving reputation as a place for good food.

Will Biscoe

Miami Beach

Not Us

I'm a black American, and I am saddened by what happened to Master Do in Tamara Lush's article "The Murder of Master Do" (April 3). I've heard that Haitian gang members will shoot you in the back for $500. Please don't lump black Americans with those senseless Haitians. We have social consciousness, as the world knows, and we don't practice vodou.


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Regretful Revelation

Instead of writing about the controversy surrounding Che Guevara ("Che Who?" by Chuck Strouse, April 3), you should write a story about how Val Prieto outed a prominent Cuban blogger and endangered the safety of his family in Cuba.

New Times called Prieto's Babalu "perhaps the best-known Cuban-American website." Now he's the best-known Cuban-American blogger to out a fellow Cuban blogger by posting his personal information for the world to see.

John Bishop

Via web commentary

Regarding "Che Who?": Che was and is a scumbag, whether you like or not, Chuck Strouse. Stone-cold killer. Sell Hitler shirts next time.


Via web commentary

Investigative Prowess Indeed

Miami New Times staff writer Isaiah Thompson won first place in the weekly newspaper category of the Investigative Reporters and Editors contest for his coverage of sex offenders forced to live under two bridges in Miami. The stories eclipsed others in the Village Voice, the Texas Observer, and the San Francisco Bay Guardian.


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