Letters from the Issue of April 15, 2010

Dance with Death

Spine-tingling: Incredible writing ("Dead at Dawn," Natalie O'Neill, April 8). Reading this sent chills down my neck with each sentence. Powerful, powerful stuff. We live in such a simultaneously beautiful and violent city.



Letters from Issue of April 15, 2010

An American tragedy: An extraordinary piece of writing. This is what journalism used to be. A significant number of facts were gathered for this article, and then it was compellingly written. Today it seems the gathering part of journalism is lost in the rush to advocacy. The human element of the article — though heart-wrenching and tragic — was presented without the platitudinous hyperbole that accompanies some print media. My heart goes out to the survivors, and my appreciation to the author for a balanced reportage.


Pulp fiction: Was this an attempt to write the Great American Novel or a plea to do something about the out-of-control crime spree? Only in a shallow, plastic place such as Miami do we find newspaper reporters who are just as concerned about the leopard-skin car interior as the human blood splattered all over it. Next time, please spare us the pretentious, artsy display, and try a tone that shows more outrage and concern. What about what's being done by investigators and club owners? We have enough blurry lines between reality and fiction. Let's not make it worse by using real tragedies to make a spicy story for entertainment.

Max Pearl

It's the hood, stupid: This is all I got from this article: Go party at ghetto clubs at 3 a.m. and be prepared to feel warm bullets splatter blood on leopard-skin seat covers. I kept reading hoping to find some substance here. I want my five minutes back.

Joe Smith

Control guns: Extraordinary article! Our elected officials and state government and, most especially, Florida's attorney general should dedicate more time to controlling gun sales in Florida and to protecting our citizens than going after health care legislation.

Magda Gonzalez

Must read: Very well written. I hope Ms. O'Neill wins every award available. This well-researched article should be read by every elected official who cares about saving lives. Why are clubs allowed to be open so late? Twelve deaths in 24 months — that we know of. Where are the police? Why do they condone after-hours clubs?


Street smart: Miami still has bad neighborhoods, and I grew up next to Juarez, Mexico, cartel country. Some areas in Miami you just don't go in. Be street smart, folks.

Jose de la Torre

Business nonsense: These clubs have no business being in the hood. Unfortunately, you only hear about the violence when it happens to well-off fools.


Pot of Gold

Cash crop: Finally, good news for the economy in South Florida ("Luke's Gospel," Luther Campbell, April 8). Marijuana is a huge black market business in Miami. More people are growing marijuana now in Florida than ever before. Imagine taxing that cash crop. It would probably bring in millions in revenue for the state. The state is wasting money trying to capture drug dealers. Anyone can get marijuana in Florida. I support Uncle Luke all the way.

Luis Rivas

High time: Legalizing weed would stimulate Florida's economy, although I doubt that will happen anytime soon. The government needs to realize that people will always look for ways to get high, so why not profit? The pharmaceutical companies sure are.


Towing the Line

Sue 'em: It's good to see the MBPD are still engaged with their Beach Towing circle-jerk buddies, all stellar citizens, if one includes rap sheets as resumes ("End of the Road" by Natalie O'Neill, April 8). That's while they are busy sitting on their fat asses stealing grossly inflated paychecks while dusting their uniforms with donut powder or fondling their radar guns in their relentless search for mini-van moms speeding up Alton Road, at 36 mph. Hope the biker sues and wins a huge amount from our illustrious friends at Beach Towing and their truly pathetic MBPD co-conspirators.

Bob Johnson


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