Letters from the issue of April 1, 2010

Pay Dirt

Yellow press: No one likes it when corruption, theft, and greed are associated with a government agency, but this article is pure sensationalism and really lacks merit ("Disorderly Conduct," Tim Elfrink, March 25). It's unfair to criticize an entire organization, or an entire profession, over the actions of a certain few. I'm grateful for the work Miami Beach Police officers do, and I'm glad they are around when I visit.



Miami Beach Police


They earned it: Who cares how much money those officers make? It is very apparent they work long hours for their pay. If New Times wants to write an article about police corruption, be fair and include all departments in South Florida.

Miami Beach Citizen


Criminal pay: The Miami Beach Police force stinks. If anything, the high salaries attract criminals to the position. The city is a complete joke when it comes to crime. Many of these officers don't even live in the city and mock the residents.



Spoiling the bunch: I'm a retired Metro-Dade detective. I put in 30 years of midnights and missing Christmas dinners and special dates with my family because of work. Those are just a few things we cops go through and don't even think about. I don't condone corruption or abuse; it gives a bad name to the rest of the honest, hard-working officers who put their lives on the line daily. You have bad apples in every profession.

Retired Cop


Cop out: If you are a good cop making good money, kudos. It's incumbent upon you to out the cops who are ruining your name.



Wake up, fool: This should dispel everyone's idea that cops and government employees are not as well paid as people in the private sector. The 200 officers who make more than six figures will have a very large pension for the rest of their lives at the taxpayers' expense. This sort of stuff can and has bankrupted cities. Taxpayers are idiots if we allow this to continue.



Political ploy: This article is an obvious smear campaign to try to win public support for the city over the police officers in an ongoing contract dispute. I can't wait to see what happens the next time one of your communist, left-wing, cuckoo New Times hacks gets pulled over for DUI after clubbing in SoBe. Karma is a bitch.



Cops and robbers: "Miami Beach cops are paid up to $225K." That is theft of our tax money! People should be outraged.



Low blow: In the past year, MBPD has had to deal with a U.S. president coming into town at the last minute, a vice president coming in two days later, New Year's Eve with more than 70 special events, the Pro Bowl, Super Bowl, Orange Bowl, White Party, Sleepless Nights, Winter Party, Art Basel, the boat show, spring break, and Art Deco Weekend. Let's not forget the movie shoots, model shoots, construction, court on days off (which is mandatory), and hurricane season, which is quickly closing in again. Do you expect us to have our days off canceled and work 12-hour shifts (which is what happens during some of the aforementioned occasions) without pay?

It's really nice to sit in your cozy little office and write your story (badly, I may add), but try putting your life on the line every week and then catch your rag of a newspaper insulting us week after week to see what it does to your morale.

Juan Sanchez


Kudos: I commend this reporter. I have searched for information on this topic and rarely found any. It seems to be Miami Beach's deep, dark secret. And for those of you who think this is all fine, I hope you never end up on the receiving end of one of these cop torrents.

Joe Marchione


Stand tall: How in hell can a citizen complain about an officer making money? Don't you think they should get paid more because they are trying to make the city safe and secure? I think Miami Beach does a great job maintaining the safety of its citizens and visitors.



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