The best thing that clown Mas Canosa and his right-wing Cuban American National Foundation could do is take the circus somewhere else ("A Clown? No Way. A Genius!", January 29). In his narrow mind, he sees himself as Cuba's next president, even if it takes starving the whole Cuban population (who are the people affected by his arrogance and intolerance, not Fidel) to death. And of course he's sure the show goes on!

Andres Feo
Miami Beach

You call Mas Canosa "a petulant child in a three-piece suit." I'm sorry to correct you, but he is an empty suit. I am glad to see that you and the Herald people have called it like it is and said that some of the Herald Spanish editorial staff haven't questioned this guy's activities as a "representative of the Cubans"; when was he elected - and by whom?

The Cuban community in Miami should see through the nationalistic veil and recognize that the only difference between him and Fidel Castro is that one is in power in Havana, and the other is in Miami hoping to take power in Havana.

I was born in Cuba and came to the U.S. in 1961; and in my opinion Mas Canosa should worry about his own personal affairs and stay out of trying to be the "maximum leader of Cuba."

Name withheld by request

I want to express my appreciation and thanks for the story Greg Baker wrote about the death of my friend Ed Stokes ("Psychic Unfair," January 29). I met Ed about ten years ago while I was working at Vibrations Records. He had a vast knowledge of Sixties and Seventies rock music for his age; it amazed me. He always had a good video of some off-the-wall concert in the Sixties or Seventies, usually a good Hendrix or Led Zeppelin, but something I, as a true music junkie, truly wanted to have in my collection.

The first time I saw him play guitar, my friends were having a party and we invited Ed and the band to jam. What I experienced that night was amazing. Ed played a rendition of "Dazed and Confused" that left everyone's jaws dropping to the ground. Simply a guitar virtuoso for his age. A true student of the guitar - inside and out.

Ed Stokes will always be a fond memory in my mind. Here's a standing ovation for you, Ed.

Lydia Ojeda
North Miami Beach

In his January 22 letter, Robert Allen takes the movie JFK to task and in the process attempts to smear the Socialist Workers Party and the newspaper reflecting its views, the Militant.

Allen states that Lee Harvey Oswald was a member of the Socialist Workers Party. Not true - although there exists a much-publicized photo of Oswald holding up the Militant (one theory which is advanced in JFK). It is true that the SWP disagrees sharply with the notion that Kennedy was the "hope of humanity," that he was a friend of blacks and an opponent of the war in Vietnam, or that he would have lessened tensions with revolutionary Cuba. This view is outlined in a January 24 review of JFK, in the Militant.

It is also true, as Allen says, that the Militant has printed the texts of speeches by Fidel Castro throughout the 33 years of the Cuban revolution. The Militant continues to be one of the few places in the United States where people can read, in his own words, the ideas and proposals of Fidel Castro - not taken out of context or paraphrased. The Militant also prints the speeches of Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X, and other revolutionary leaders around the world.

But it is a smear job to insinuate that the SWP or its ideas had anything to do with the Kennedy assassination. The SWP's program - its strategy and tactics for changing society - are spelled out weekly in the pages of the Militant. There are no hidden agendas.

Nancy Cole
Miami Beach

I am writing in response to Kirk Semple's news article "Guns N' Hoses: Part 2" (January 8). I have to admit that "sheepish" is not a word to characterize Douglas Jewett. The correct adjectives to use are: determined, caring, and totally dedicated to his job.

Doug Jewett is not a politician, nor does he care to be one. His job comes before anything, including his family. In nineteen years, why is he still just a firefighter? He could have gone up in rank, but he chose not to because he is dedicated to helping humanity instead of sitting in an office. He could have chosen a better station, but he chose to stay at Station 2, because that is where the most work is.

Doug Jewett is a dedicated man, a man who isn't afraid to speak out, and one who told the truth about carrying a weapon; other firefighters do every day but are afraid to admit it.

Step on toes he does, but the U.S. Rescue team will never be what it was without Doug Jewett. I have seen him at home, spending hours at his desk, studying videos, reading, and making plans to make the disaster-relief program work better. He has given countless hours of his personal time and money to go to Central and South America to train firefighters and paramedics.

He deserves better than he is getting. Doug may have a big mouth, but he is a wonderful, caring man, one who never wanted publicity. All he wanted was to get his job done and help those who needed him.

I know him well because, I am proud to say, Douglas Jewett is my brother-in-law.

Glenda Jewett



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