How refreshing to read Manuel Pila's bull's-eye description of Doc Wiley and Washington Square ("Letters," November 13)! The number of people who must feel the same way might be into the hundreds by now. Doc is a sick pup. Add me to the list of songwriters who decided long ago never again to play while Doc ruins the sound mix for his own fiendish delight. He has caused many good singers and musicians to flee the Square for more hospitable clubs whose owners have only Doc to thank for sending them the business. Yes, Doc is bad for the local music scene.

Louis Jurika
Miami Beach

Regarding Manuel Pila's letter about Doc Wiley, I would like to say first of all - he's right, Doc is an asshole. However, he can be dealt with if you kiss his butt and book shows with Kevin Cornish (the manager of the Square).

There is a bigger conflict of interest in this town that is a colossal stain on the local music scene. If you ask every manager, musician, and production person in South Florida who the single most detrimental force on the local music scene is, I would be willing to bet my life that more than 80 percent of them would say Darlene DeLano. If you don't believe me, just ask them.

Darlene DeLano operates a company in Hollywood called Long Distance Entertainment. Agents of her company manage cover bands and a few original bands. The problem is Darlene also books the bands for the Button South. Who gets a vast majority of all the cover-band spots? Darlene's bands. Who gets to open for a vast majority of national acts that play the Button? Farrcry and XSF (two bands associated with LDE). Who gets to headline a vast majority of all-ages shows? Farrcry and XSF. There are tons of great bands on the scene dying for a little exposure, but as far as Darlene is concerned, there are only a few, and voila! she also makes money off those few. Even after I witnessed with my own two eyes the crowd booing and chanting, "Saigon Kick," all through Farrcry's opening spot in June, Farrcry sill got to open for Southgang in July.

A typical Darlene response would be, "Farrcry is the Button's biggest draw." I should hope so! If bands like Mad Margritt, Jasmin Down, Vandal, and especially Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids had a quarter of Farrcry's exposure, there would be mile-long lines of people waiting to see them play the Button. Farrcry's generic music will only attract the same pimple-faced crowd, show in and show out.

In closing I would like to give Scott, Keith, Billy, and everyone else who runs the show at the Button a familiar message: Wake up! As long as you have that idiot pushing you around and feeding her ego, your club will never, ever, reach its full money-making potential. Fire Darlene and hire someone who is at least slightly objective.

Cameron Bear
Miami Shores

I would like to respond to a letter published in the November 6 issue of New Times from Christopher Weiland ("Letters to the Editor"). Specifically, I want Chuck Shepherd and the decision makers at New Times to know that not everyone feels the same as the person who wrote that letter. As a matter of fact, the people in my office and I cannot wait for the next edition of New Times, and the first thing we read is "News of the Weird." It always cracks us up to read about the new and improved idiots seemingly trying to top one another. I am beginning to wonder if they (being the idiots) do these things just to get into your story line. Anyway, please let Chuck know we love his column and continue to look forward to "his news."

Also, I wonder if the gentleman who wrote that negatively verbose letter will be appearing or has appeared in one of Chuck's story lines. Why else would he be so indignant? Unless, of course, he is being forced to read the column.

Bill Burke
Coconut Grove

Regarding Chuck Shepherd's "News of the Weird": This is the first thing I read every Wednesday when I pick up New Times. My congratulations to Shepherd, whose reporting is inspired, not "insipid." Far from "degrading" New Times and "wasting print space," the facts in "Weird" demonstrate that no matter how bad our own current circumstances, it could be worse. We could be really nuts, and we're not.

Christopher Weiland would have Shepherd select items of positive cynicism? Now, that would be interesting! Please do not be influenced by the humorless Mr. Weiland, and don't ever change "News of the Weird" to suit the tastes of this lone Pollyanna. My advice to Weiland: get real.

Lavern Button
South Miami

Today, what could possibly be worth a second reading, interesting enough to rip, to savor more than once? The New Yorker in the old days. Probably the Mercury. Amazingly often, the New York Times, and, of course, the hot mots of Tom Austin.

After several readings of the November 6 "Swelter" on Halloween, I am writing to say how swell it is when talent and class work magic with a sheet of paper. I am grateful and jealous.

Rod Carlson



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