I've attended several citizens' meetings at which Huber spoke, and my impression of him was similar to that of several people quoted in the article. He was full of energy, determination, and drive - at the same time, he strongly projected an attitude of "I have never made a mistake, and I never will."

As a Beach taxpayer whose taxes just shot up - again - I bitterly resent the added raises and expensive perks that he has apparently garnered for himself. Taxpayers throughout Dade County and its municipalities are suffering from this sort of thing, while their elected and appointed officials keep telling them that they need more taxes, more bond issues, more state and federal funding.

A few added notes on the Miami Beach Police Department. Ken Glassman may have made some mistakes as chief, but he also had the good grace to admit it. He was responsive to citizens and had a good sense of priorities. When there were complaints about "lurking" homeless and topless sunbathers, Glassman's response was that he wasn't going to arrest people for being homeless or sunbathing - he had criminals to catch. When there was a problem with riotous kids around Nautilus Middle School, he met with all of the parents, told us what was going on and what he planned to do, and asked for

our input. He responded to letters and calls. I'm tired of all the retroactive Glassman bashing.

Richard H. Rosichan
Miami Beach

Your article by Mary Ann Esquivel-Gibbs about Section 8 housing ("To Have and Have Not," October 30), touches only a small part of the Section 8 rip-off of the taxpayers. I am single, 65 years old, and retired on Social Security. I am eligible for Section 8 rent assistance. I went to the Section 8 office at 2153 Coral Way to apply for subsidized rent at my current address. I was told that no applications have been accepted since April 1989; however, I was given a list of rehabilitated buildings into which I could move.

I am very happy where I am. The building is well maintained and has no code violations. The rent is $300 monthly, including all utilities. It is downtown, only a block from Bayside Marketplace, and across from the Wolfson Campus of MDCC. The places where I must move are less convenient and more expensive. Since under Section 8, I pay only about 30 percent of my income for rent, the taxpayers must make up the difference at a time when housing dollars are in short supply. This makes no sense. The subsidy should be paid for the lowest-cost housing, not housing that is more expensive. As an example: assuming the rent in an apartment to which I move is $500 monthly. This means the taxpayers must pay an additional $200 monthly over my present rent. This amounts to $2400 more yearly. Since I may well live another twenty years, this means an additional cost to taxpayers of $48,000! And I am just one case. Assuming 1000 such cases (a conservative estimate) this amounts to $48,000,000 in excess rent payments!

Section 8 recipients should be subsidized in their present housing (if it is not substandard) and should not be moved to higher-rent locations. The Section 8 recipients are not moving into high-rent areas on their own; they are being forced to do so because Section 8 refuses to subsidize them where they live now! Ask me - I know!

James D. Pierce

As an afterthought to "Program Notes" this time (October 23), it occurs to me that Guns N' Roses records sound like a group practicing a song they're going to record, and the Chant sounds like they have it rehearsed. I attended the concert at Churchill's when the cops interrupted a song right in the middle. That's base ultra. Ill-mannered. Rude. Tone deaf. Maddening. It sucked. The volume was loud during the first band. Slow reponse time, boys.

Charles Van Tuggle

It is beyond my weirdest imagination given the general quality of your investigative reporting, how your editorial staff can tolerate the insipid tabloid-style reporting efforts of Chuck Shepherd. ("News of the Weird"). Weird, beyond his obvious fascination with negative cynicism and dubious journalistic talents, that you degrade the value of your publication with the regular waste of valuable printing space through his distasteful references to national police records. Perhaps you could inform Mr. Shepherd of a weird phenomenon called "Positive News of the Weird," wherein humorous, weird circumstances reflect the sharing, caring, positive characteristics of human nature, and humor derives from spontaneous good intentions rather than the pain of victimization.

Christopher Weiland
C.R.E.A.T.E. Eco-Raft
Dinner Key Marina


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