Marilyn Manson is a wild treat live, and Bergasse 19 seems to be from another planet, bringing to Earth a unique psychedelic, industrial matrix of cosmic sound. I wish we had more bands like these two.

Ana Romano
Miami Springs

I want to express my deepest appreciation to you for your press coverage of the Hispanic Heritage Festival, not only this year, but for all previous years. Due in large part to the publicity received from the media, our festival has become one of the ten largest Hispanic festivals in the United States.

Eloy Vazquez, executive director Hispanic Heritage Festival

Enough can't be said of Weston Kosova's "Whoppers!" article of September 4. Unflinchingly, he describes the big Bush lie "backed by the full faith and credit of the American people."

That the president is an inveterate liar is much the sad state of the state, but for its electorate to reward such scoundrels by returning them to office is sadder yet, as Kosova repeats with variations.

The Soviets now appear to be groping at some vague semblance of democracy, while Americans still wallow in ignorance, not only believing the lie, but seemingly addicted to it, soon to be "rewarded" with another four years of it.

It has always been the greatest fear of the tyrant that his populace be informed. Bush need not worry.

Local Americans everywhere are playing checkers on a federalist chess board, incapable of figuring the "linkage" between cause and effect, quackery and duckery, true talk and doublespeak. They simply don't possess the "anythingall" to demand or even ask, "Forget Lenny and the rabbits, George - where is the compassion?"

George is resting now, on his nice chunk of bottomland, putting around a newly built, private golf course while ever-increasing numbers of his citizenry sleep on park benches; he's drowning worms from a Cigarette boat (oddly named Felicity) while cautioning us to save gas; ignoring a domestic policy best called "duplicity" and preparing to embark on another of his foreign check-writing jaunts as old amigo Noriega will shortly reveal more for him to lie about.

Gee, Dr. Saul - I don't know if it's my sciatica or cerebrum, but like, I'm having these recurring nightmares? Ya know, like I'm falling, and I can't get up? An' like, I see Geroge Bush, ya know, like, wearing on a Bible outside the Supreme Court, like, an' promising to "execute" the office of the president for another term, an' like, I can hear the Marine Corps band playing the Stones classic, ya know, like, "...here it comes...here it comes...here comes my nineteenth nervous breakdown!

Michael Lopardi



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