The Inmate Evening News is simply hilarious! Imagine the David Letterman show put on by a bunch of convicts. While ICTV is television at its finest, if you've never seen it, I hope you never do!

Glenn Allen
South Miami

I was a professional player at Dania Jai-Alai in the early Eighties (Mago, number 86), an American pelotari when it meant something, not like the travesties masquerading as players that the frontons brought in during the recent strike.

I'd like to know at what point Billy Schofill feels that personal responsibility kicks in ("Basket Case," May 20). He first goes on strike and is one of the most vociferous players on the picket line, lambasting management for all the ills of the sport. After six weeks he goes back to play and all of a sudden it's the strikers who had become the pariahs. There were many players and ex-players (myself included) who were induced to break the strike and didn't. I don't feel anyone but Billy made the ultimate decision to play.

As a pelotari, one knows the inherent dangers of the sport that lurk within every single play. Once you have made the choice of being a professional, you must accept the risk involved. The pelotas were too fast or irregular, the helmets inferior, the court worn, the lighting improper, the players weaker - these all sound like excuses for a promising career cut short because of some bad moves made by Billy himself.

Victor Valcarle

Rafael Navarro's shameful article regarding Florida gun shows was as one-sided as the cover illustration was tasteless ("Bullets N' Things," April 29). How dare he insult the shooting population like that!

Many millions of people of all colors, races, and creeds own guns for sport and defense. Mr. Navarro's suggestion that gun owners are beer-drinking racists is disgusting. Statistics alone suggest that Mr. Navarro's doctor, plumber, and legislator are probably all gun owners. There may even be a gun owner in Mr. Navarro's own family.

Mr. Navarro is pretty smug in his negative view of guns and defense sprays, yet New Times has no problem accepting paid advertising for guns and hot-pepper sprays (translation: as long as we are getting paid for it, it really isn't that terrible).

My family paid in blood during the Revolutionary War for the right to keep and bear arms. If Mr. Navarro doesn't treasure this right, maybe he should check out Cuba, Russia, and Germany; there are no terrible gun shows, armed citizens, or freedoms there to disturb his delicate constitution.

Michael W. Weissberg

It's a shame to see New Times taking sides in the Mickey Rourke/Francisco Harris fight ("He's Gonna Kick Mickey's Ass!" April 22 and "He Was Robbed!" April 29). Anyone who's ever really had his ass kicked knows it's not done in four rounds with a referee present. Whoever on your staff who made the prediction that Mickey would get his kicked ought to lace on the gloves and go a couple of rounds with Mick just to show us all what a pushover he is!

Let's face it, editor, four-round fights aren't front-page stuff. We like you much better doing crooked politicians. (Get your own ass kicked on the Joe Gersten story.)

Guys like Mickey Rourke are colorful, Runyonesque kind of guys; and why you want to pick on him beats me. Nobody tells Bob Hope he's too old for golf or George Bush that he's a lousy fisherman.

Let Mickey have his fun. He came up the hard way. He's earned it. You should stick to what you're good at!

John E. Brown

I read with appalling disbelief the many anti-Morello letters that appeared in your April 22 issue.

To the many so-called "crusaders of justice" who wrote those letters, I would like them to note that no one is disputing the fact that Morello was probably a thug and a thief. What is in question is: Did he get a fair trial? Did Janet Reno's office make available to the court all the facts and evidence?

Dade County residents and the anti-Morello crusaders should remember: If we do not speak up for equal justice under the law now, there will be no one to speak for us when we meet the same fate.

Kwesi George
South Beach


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