Gun owners were portrayed as obese white supremacists. I am a physician, a body builder, and an avid shooter who would like never to shoot anyone or anything. My purpose (as is many of my colleagues') is to be able to defend myself and my family against criminals who have purchased their firearms illegally. I hope never to have to shoot anything other than paper, since I have been trained to save lives, not take them.

I was not very interested in guns until someone tried to break into our home. It took the police 30 minutes to arrive; one could have been carved up by that time. The rise in crime in Florida is a definite reason to allow people to own and carry firearms.

Guns are here to stay. And banning them will not lower the crime rate, because then only the criminals will have them. Just look at New York City!

Steven Burns

I'm writing in reference to Sean Rowe's "All Bets Are Off" (April 29). In my opinion, these two gentlemen, Mr. Mandel and Mr. Sisto, signed an agreement with the Miccosukee Tribe to get away with legal gambling in a state that has not legalized it. Refusing to cooperate in a thorough audit done by the tribe tells me that there is something that they are hiding in the all-cash betting business, and that perhaps the Miccosukee are not getting their fair share of the profits.

I think we should let the government intervene, get a neutral third party involved to make sure that everything is on the level, and make Mr. Sisto and Mr. Mandel show all their records. Maybe then the Miccosukee Tribe will not feel that injustice is being done to them, and they can have the peace that they seem to crave.

M. Palacio
North Miami

Todd Anthony's "Wasted Time" (April 29) chronicled a night on South Beach in which an abusive, alcohol-sodden musician lost a precious instrument due to his own intoxication. The guy sounds like a real jerk - I should know, for I am that jerk!

Ironically, the very day that the article came out was the day I was released (yet again) from jail, this time into a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. Imagine my surprise on the first day of rehab, opening the paper and seeing my past drug-addled behavior staring back at me in black and white.

Thanks to Todd for setting me straight on what really happened that night. Let me say to all my fellow human beings, especially musicians: Take it from a guy who has been there, drug and alcohol abuse is not cool or glamorous, it is pathetic. Please note that I used the word abuse, for I still believe that certain drugs (such as marijuana and psychedelics) can be used to enhance the life experience if used respectfully. Otherwise they are just a waste of time.

Glenn Allen
South Miami

With regard to the Rourke-Harris article, "He Was Robbed!" (April 29): I was one of the three judges who scored that fight. Both Bill Ray and Rick Bayes saw the fight a draw. I had Harris winning by one round. We all agreed that Rourke won the last round, Harris won rounds two and three - I thought the first round was even, and the other two judges scored it for Rourke. When you have a one-point (really half a point) discrepancy, that's good scoring and hardly a robbery. I was overruled by the other two judges, and in a fight (that close), how can one complain?

Albert Wilensky, judge
Florida State Boxing Commission

So what if Mickey Rourke decides to try to box one more time. It was also reported a while back that Richard Nixon considered entering the presidential campaign. When the chuckles subsided, the world continued rotating on its axis and around the sun.

The fact that Mickey Rourke vs. Franco Harris occurred is news - relevant and amusing. But the blatant attack on Mr. Rourke's persona was ludicrous. Why the vendetta toward an actor/native/character who has perpetuated the now-famous SoBe scene? Let the man be whatever he wants to be.

Humor and satire are flattering instruments of any periodical. Outright maliciousness and campy bitchiness are just instruments of the lame.

Juan Rochaix
Coral Gables

Your article "He Was Robbed!" mentions that the staff of New Times was supplied fight credentials "under the improbable moniker, Loafer's Choice."

Let me introduce myself. I am Bernie Grossman, publisher of - you guessed it - Loafer's Choice. Loafer's Choice, a free leisure-time weekly publication and sister paper of the Pennysaver, has been serving West Broward for five years.

Let me assure the good people of New Times that when Dave Metzger gave you our "credentials," you were not being short-changed as to reputation, professionalism, or integrity. If in the future our credentials are used by you, I would hope that you would be as proud to be Loafer's Choice as we would be if referred to as New Times.

Bernie Grossman, publisher
Loafer's Choice


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