Urban League president T. Willard Fair is a first-class jackass to sit on his stupid political ass and say that the Pride campaign ("Germ City," June 24) was not to empower community residents. No wonder the campaign was such a resounding failure. Empowering your citizens is not about giving them civil liberties. It is about making them feel needed, making them feel they are worth something, that they are of some use to the community. Asking them to pick up a rake or to fill a trash bag would have done just that, and given them something to be proud of.

Pride is not a middle-class virtue only. Pride is a virtue for all classes, races, creeds, religions. It is pride that produces black doctors and lawyers, pride that makes people claw their way out of Overtown to stand tall on Brickell Avenue. Pride is a matter of achievement, and anyone can achieve. However, sometimes circumstances beyond an individual's control stand in his way. I wonder what class Mr. Fair belongs to, since he has absolutely no damn pride to sit back and make such condescending remarks over a venture that was a dismal failure because he did not have the pride in the first place to coordinate and think it through properly. That's another thing about pride -- doing something and doing it to the best of your ability, instead of making excuses.

I hope that if he ever goes back into Germ City, the residents will kick his arrogant, prideless ass out. That would definitely be an achievement they could be proud of.

Lydia Buckmire

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands...."

Allegiance, the duty of being loyal to one's country, seems to be in short supply where local "Haitian advocates" are concerned. Regarding Steven Almond's article "The Other Coup" (June 24), Cheryl Little's departure from the Haitian Refugee Center is good news to me. She and Ira Kurzban have been instrumental in helping hundreds of Haitians circumvent the traditional channels of immigration in this country. These "Haitian advocates" have belittled the government's ability to determine which Haitians are truly political refugees, while using their own crystal ball to declare them all eligible to wade right into the good old U.S. of A.!

My wife came here (as a child) from Germany with her mother in 1954. They had to have a sponsor, a job, and a place to live; none of this "washed-up-on-the-beach-here-I-am-take-care-of-me bullshit.

The "Haitian advocates" are more concerned with helping illegal aliens than poor American blacks, who are likely to lose jobs if Miami is flooded with poor Haitians.

When the last Haitian fit enough to climb into a rickety sailboat has left his homeland, who will be left to rebuild that tortured country? It won't be Cheryl Little and her friends, but rather the taxpayers who will be called on to support the new arrivals and to provide foreign aid to a country stripped of its able-bodied population. And we'll have the Haitian advocates' misplaced allegiance to thank for it.

John E. Brown

In William Labbee's "Eating Disorders" (June 24), Richard Peacock, in response to Tucker Gibbs, equates wealth with intelligence. Does Mr. Peacock think intelligence is measured in monetary terms? If so, I'd love to see the research supporting his theory. If there is no research, his statement alone may prove otherwise.

Brian A. Jasiorkowski
Miami Beach

Rafael Navarro pretends to be revolted over the public's deep interest in Batman Returns compared with our indifference toward, for instance, the events in Bosnia-Herzegovina ("Wayne's World," June 24). If he is so very, very upset over the public preference for entertainment over reality, why is he wasting his life (and my time) reviewing movies? Reviewing cafes is a bold move, too.

Andrew W. Macfarlane
South Miami

Regarding Jim DeFede's story "Big Tow" (June 17), it has always been my understanding that the property on which parking meters stand was paid for by the taxpayers of that municipality. To further tax the taxpayer seems a bit like overkill. Sort of like paying double for the privilege of using your own property. And if, for example, you have an emergency or happen to be late putting more money into your meter, the taxpayer is further penalized for using his or her own property.

People who fail to pay parking tickets are, without knowing it, disregarding an immoral tax. Parking meters are more a nuisance than anything else.

In a city that is rampant with crimes of all types -- muggings, shootings, rapes, breaking-and-enterings, car thefts, and many more -- to assign a special task force to the scofflaws seems a bit absurd, to say the least.

The sole reason for these parking meters is to keep incompetents from trying to get real jobs. Your article should have been entitled, "A Story of an Overburdened Taxpayer and a Greedy Government."

Carl Starling-Key


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