Raspberries to Peter Elkind's editorial - no, contradictorial, his automatic everything-Perot-says-is-a-lie-because-I-say-so article ("The Bashful Candidate," June 10).

His list of "Perot's Cons" had so many spins and exaggerations to make some events sound wrong, I have to wonder if he is a speechwriter for Clinton or Bush. And supporting such media-created facts as $100 million to be spent on Perot's campaign when that figure was a reporter's suggested possibility, since accepted as fact. Not to mention his quotes out of context.

Elkind was so anti-Perot, it made his article worthless. He should resign and join the Democratic or Republican Party propaganda machines. An editor/reporter should report the facts, not distort or create them. Mr. Elkind, get a life.

T. Reeves
Fort Lauderdale

My sincere thanks to New Times and to Maria Aurelia for publishing her touching and inspiring story ("Still Life with AIDS," June 10). We need to read about heroes like "George" to give us the courage to get up each morning and appreciate life.

Salvatore De Paola

As a fifteen-year resident of Miami Beach, I am severely dissatisfied with the lack of insight and depth of the City of Miami Beach ("These Boots Weren't Made for Walking," June 10). The neo-fascist arm of this city is now going to start patrolling smaller sectors in order "to become familiar with...residents...and recognize who belongs and who doesn't"?

Who the hell are these indolent patrolmen to decide "who belongs and who doesn't"? These bullies do not need smaller sectors to chaperone. They need to expand their areas and their minds in order to avoid persecution of those who "don't belong." The larger the area the patrolmen have to cover, the less likely they will hold malevolence for someone they don't recognize.

The solution is simple. However, it will require some courage on the part of the community. Stop relying on gung-ho control freaks to end crime. Protect yourself against crime by enacting your civil rights. Otherwise, the real crime will be a plague of police officers badgering innocent citizens "for their papers."

It's high time for the authoritarian stance of the Miami Beach Police Department to come to an end. They must realize that the citizens of this community are fed up with a police department that takes our money so they can inhibit and impinge on our civil liberties.

J.R. Kennedy
Miami Beach

All the homicides in Dade County are understandable if the mentality expressed by Sean Rowe in "Pudgy's Revenge" (June 3) is allowed to permeate society with the power of his pen.

Society's treatment of animals is inseparable from its treatment of human beings. Scientific studies of the connections between animal abuse and human violence are providing insight into antisocial behavior. More people must report animal cruelty to the authorities and the authorities must continue to arrest and to prosecute cruelty to all individuals, human and nonhuman.

Roger Fried
Boca Raton

It is with shock that I read Sean Rowe's article about Pudgy, the dog allegedly killed by an FPL employee. The state must continue to spend more money on prosecuting animal cruelty. The criminal justice system is only recently realizing that violent behavior to animals often leads to violent behavior to humans. Four of the most famous violent criminals in recent years had histories of abusing animals.

Dade County and Florida need more officers like Richard Mestre realizing the need to take animal cruelty seriously. It is most unfortunate that Sean Rowe has not come to this realization.

Evelyn Alexander
North Miami Beach

The callousness and ignorance of Sean Rowe was revealed in "Pudgy's Revenge." Taxpayers are only too happy for the state to pursue animal-cruelty charges. It appears that there was more than sufficient evidence to prosecute the FPL worker for bludgeoning an innocent animal to death. I only hope the verdict of guilty puts this man behind bars where he apparently should be.

Betty Healey
Fort Lauderdale

I am not writing this letter to defend Mr. Pinhead (Rafael Navarro) but to inform "Former Reader" ("Letters," June 3) that journalists, writers, critics, etc., have the right to write what they want and be responsible for it.

Why does Navarro have to leave Rosario Kennedy out of the Gersten troubles? If she worries so much about being a mother of three, she is not a good example of good behavior, running around all over the world with such a jerk.

A New Reader

I must agree with Warren Gammel that Tom Austin's column, "Swelter," is truly wretched ("Letters," June 3). While reports on aesthete, consumer-derived pleasures have their place, shouldn't they also have a point? The tired "insights" and "observations" of Mr. Austin remind me of old Supertramp records: indulgent, overwrought, and about as subtle. Where's Zippy when you need him?

Lance Harke
North Miami Beach


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