Put That on Your Agenda
After reading Robert Andrew Powell's article "A CANF-Do Attitude" (May 23), I wonder how Miami City Manager Cesar Odio can find the money to pay for police protection for Jorge Mas Canosa and other officials of the Cuban American National Foundation. At budget time this past September, Odio said there was no money to mail the commission meeting agendas to concerned citizens like me. Maybe he doesn't want us to know what's going on.

Mariano Cruz

Calling Sean Rowe, Script Doctor
Sean Rowe's article "Shark Bait" (April 18) prompted me to think that perhaps the inquiring spotlight of New Times is misplaced. Ron McManmon is what he is, a fact that anyone into scuba is well aware of.

The word about town is that Sean Rowe is actually a, well, shall we say an aspiring scriptwriter for a movie with A can we guess? None other than Ron McManmon, in a plot about the boys of South Beach and shark riding. What a coincidence. Now, would a professional staff writer for New Times, South Florida's bastion of journalistic integrity (and home of "News of the Weird"), the last line of defense against greedy corporate pigs, not to mention inept, self-seeking county employees and politicians, be engaged in a self-serving and conflicting activity involving Rowe's position as a journalist to promote a personal business and financial opportunity? Say it ain't so!

Stephen O'Neal

Glenn Richards and WVUM: Too Cool to Be Serious
Regarding John Floyd's "Reverb" column (April 11), I'll assume that Glenn Richards, general manager at WVUM-FM, is playing what his listeners want to hear. I can attest that WVUM is not as broad-based as other college stations, but the reasons Richards gives for this are absurd. He states that the University of Miami isn't going to attract that many hip, knowledgeable, cutting-edge people. I guess that to Richards, these are all admirable attributes. Although I don't walk around thinking about or wanting to embody them, I do know I am interested in serious music -- something I don't find much of on any radio station in Miami.

I don't expect to be fulfilled by WVUM 24 hours a day, but with the attitude expressed by Richards, no one will ever be challenged by the power of music. Don't assume who the listeners are and what they want to hear. WVUM needs someone spinning discs with a passion for serious music at least one night each week to help broaden that base.

Kerry Ware

Mean Green Environmental Machine
Kirk Semple's "A Whiter Shade of Green" (March 28) [about the ethnic and racial makeup of the environmental movement] was a great article -- informative, thoughtful, and true. Only one problem: It did not call these minorities to action with a "can do" attitude. Mr. Semple, too, fell into the trap of asking most questions of Anglos and posing a number of others to high-profile Hispanics and blacks.

I wonder about the answers from ordinary folks of all races. I believe Mr. Semple would find economic divides are bridged in the hearts and minds of all of us, but unfortunately the struggle for survival leaves citizens with little time and few dollars for environmental activities that are perceived as too difficult because of special interests and the buying of our politicians.

Mary Barley
Everglades Foundation


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