Do Not Believe This Headline
In Jim DeFede's recent series of articles regarding the politics of the new arena project, it is apparent that the headline ("Micky Arison Is a Greedy Corporate Pig," April 25, May 2, May 9) was designed solely as a method to grab readers, because it clearly had no relation to the story. I'm sure it worked!

What the headline didn't do, however, was reflect the serious content of the accompanying article. For the benefit of the countless readers who did not understand the headline (including me), it was a poor attempt to parody the title of Al Franken's book Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot and Other Observations. In attempting to be cute, New Times effectively diminished the journalistic integrity of the publication and the work of reporter Jim DeFede.

I can only speak to Part 1, but it is my opinion that DeFede attempted to do an unbiased analysis of the situation. Unfortunately, the headline doesn't reflect this attempt at balance, instead serving as nothing more than a sensationalistic tool to grab readership. The continued use of this headline and illustration in Parts 2 and 3 demonstrated malice and further diminished any sense of professionalism.

If I were DeFede, I would be deeply concerned about the misleading nature of the headline. And if I were a reader, I would take all future headlines in your publication with a grain of salt. Wittiness and juvenile judgment should not come at the expense of solid reporting.

Mark Pray, vice president
Miami Heat

Kneeling at the Matheson Shrine
Someone should wake up staff writer Oscar Musibay and inform him that without the Matheson family we would not have a parks amendment to the Dade County Charter, much less Crandon Park itself ("His Own Private Paradise," April 4). We all owe the Matheson family a debt of gratitude for working so hard to preserve our public parks for the public and not for private interests.

I find it unbelievable that Mr. Musibay forgot that the Dade County Commission, in one of its moments of unprecedented generosity with taxpayers' money, spent tens of millions to build the greedy Butch Buchholz his own custom-designed tennis complex.

Equally unbelievable is that Mr. Musibay did not report that the Bear Cut restoration project was a mandate from settlement of a federal lawsuit filed against Dade County for extremely dangerous deficiencies in the county's sewage system.

Does Mr. Musibay think that, without the Matheson family's lawsuit, county commissioners were going to subscribe to a high ethical standard and safeguard the public interest against a bigger and cheesier tennis development in Crandon Park? I think not.

It is time for editor Jim Mullin to do the reading public a favor -- send Mr. Musibay to the National Enquirer, where he belongs.

Barbara J. Lange
Coconut Grove

Derek's Fan Club Has Spoken
I beamed with joy when I read Michael Yockel's enticingly lyrical piece on Derek Cintron and his album Mantra ("Snap, Crackle, and Power Pop," April 11). Thank you for giving my friend such lovely publicity. I know how much the article has pleased Derek. Gotta go, buddy. Cheap Trick is on the radio.

James M. Lawrence II

Sorry, Todd, It's Just You
Is it just me, or did anyone else notice the irony of Pamela Gordon's March 28 review of Waiting for Godot? The review included quotes from 1956 saying Miami would rather see Guys and Dolls, and that it was like performing Giselle at Roseland. On the facing page, both of those shows were advertised. I guess Samuel Beckett was right: The more time passes, the more things don't change.

Todd Thompson
Coconut Grove


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