There Is No Way to Silence Mr. Molina
Jim Mullin's article on "The Howitzer and the Flea" (August 1) indicates once again that my perception of the Cuban American National Foundation (CANF) is correct. It is an anti-democratic political organization whose sole purpose is to silence individuals such as Wayne Smith and organizations that are for dialogue and normalization of relations between the U.S. and Cuba.

CANF should realize that they are not in Cuba yet, where freedom of speech is nonexistent and where the system is based on intolerance of any criticism. They would probably continue that policy in the unlikely event that they assume a leadership role in Cuba.

Dan Molina

A Bravo for the Brew Crew with Badges
In regard to the article "Bronco Billy and the Sinking of the Tango" by Sean Rowe (July 25): As a long-time resident of Dinner Key Marina, I would like to take exception to the New Times's typically liberal journalistic approach.

Nowadays it seems to be politically correct to blame the police and believe the witnesses, or the bums on the bench ("homeless persons").

I have known Sgt. Art Serig for some time and can vouch for his integrity and dedication as a police officer. Since he set up our security at Dinner Key Marina, the crime rate has been reduced, and he has cleaned up the overflow of human debris from the nearby park and boat-launching ramp.

Sure, he harasses those people, and of course he makes them pour out their beer. He's enforcing the law that says people can't drink on city property. It's the law, and Sergeant Serig and his crew are doing their jobs.

So tell the complainers and the whiners to get off the bench and get jobs, and to drink somewhere else. The decent people at Dinner Key Marina are happy to have Sergeant Serig and his officers here enforcing the law.

William Johnson

Anthony: Reviewing with Valor
Regarding Todd Anthony's "Acting with Valor" (July 18): I've read reviews of Courage Under Fire in four publications, but after seeing it, I am surprised that no one commented on Colonel Serling's (Denzel Washington) response to the question "How are you?" He twice replied, "Outstanding." That is the answer Nicolas Cage gave a couple of times when drunk and suicidal in Leaving Las Vegas.

I'm sorry I read Anthony's review because it spoiled Meg Ryan's performance for me. I don't know if she was "hopelessly miscast as the butch chopper jockey," or if I was just thinking about what I had read earlier in the day. Obviously, I have no critical acumen, but I suspect Anthony was right.

Geraldine Dahlin

Let's Experiment in the Humane Treatment of Animals
Thank you for Elise Ackerman's article on Premarin ("And You Thought Hot Flashes Were Bad") in the July 18 issue. It's amazing how animals must suffer for human need or desire. When there are alternatives to animal-based products, people should choose the compassionate road. I can guarantee they will feel wonderful about their conscious contribution to alleviating suffering in our world. I congratulate all of the women who gave up Premarin.

Nan Vollbracht
Biscayne Park

Voted the Paper Most Likely to Be Sought Out by Winners
Congratulations on yet another fabulous "Best of Miami" (May 16). We get New Times delivered to our corporate offices every week and I see them on everyone's desk, but when the issue came out this year, I had to borrow a copy because all were taken as soon as they came in.This year's issue was once again very entertaining -- great choices of some new categories.

I wanted to thank the readers for voting Spec's Music the Best Record/CD Store in the Reader's Poll. Knowing the incredible readership, we are quite thrilled. Blue Note Records is also a great store and quite deserving of its award.

Ann S. Leiff, CEO
Spec's Music

In last week's issue, a photo caption in the story "Playing with Fire" incorrectly identified the subject of the photo. The man identified as burn specialist John Segar is actually Mitch Burgard of the National Park Service. New Times regrets the error.


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