Lit Over What That Brit Twit Writ
I haven't read any of the books about Miami mentioned in Sean Rowe's article "Paradise Found" (August 8), but it's true the general public here resents outsiders making naive observations about the Miami scene. And so he raises many interesting points about British author Alexander Stuart and his Miami book, Life on Mars.

Rowe says that no other author has written so broadly about Florida, from north of Lake Okeechobee to Havana. Apparently Stuart just skipped places such as upper Miami Beach, Surfside, Bal Harbour, and Bay Harbor Islands -- the most beautiful parts of Florida down here. And what about the Gulf Coast -- Fort Myers, Sanibel Island, et cetera? I can't see how he has written thoroughly about Florida if he has left out these places.

I'll grant Stuart the tragedy in his life, but his roaming around with adolescent girls and LSD, and his sniffing Freon while a boy lies on the floor drooling and pissing himself -- that does make me queasy.

I hope in his future writings about Florida for foreign publications he will be considerate and lean toward the praise that Florida needs and deserves.

Gabriel Powell
Miami Beach

That's No Morgue, That's Congress!
An item in the "News of the Weird" (July 11) made me sick to my stomach. It was the one about the deplorable conditions of the morgue in the District of Columbia. How can our elected officials in the nation's capital allow this to happen? Using the financial crisis in Washington, D.C., as an excuse for the gross, unethical condition of the morgue doesn't make any sense.

Why is the crematorium broken? Why is there a backlog of autopsies piled up and nothing done about it? Why is the air conditioner in the morgue broken, probably leaving a foul odor permeating the immediate neighborhood? Why do the medical examiners, coroners, and morticians leave the floor sticky with blood and other bodily fluids because the drains are clogged? Why are the body bags torn, leaving corpses in view of the workers?

I strongly suggest that those of you who might get sick reading this write to your senators and congressmen and give them a piece of your mind. Don't the people in our nation's capital respect the dead? Is there no dignity left in the District of Columbia?

Robert Stewart Denchfield
Miami Beach

Pee-Aich-Oh-En-Eee-Tee-Eye-See-Ess Eff-Oh-Are-Eee-Vee-Eee-Are
From one Rowe who never speaks her name but rather spells it out (Jessica Are-Oh-Double-Ewe-Eee) when asked, owing to no one ever getting it right on the phone (I even get mail addressed to Jesse Cairo), to another Rowe (Sean), thanks for writing such an informative article about name changers ("Name Droppers," July 11).

I've been hoping to drop my last name altogether, but perhaps I'll wait until it's a little cheaper.

Jessica Rowe

Of Denny's, Drugs, and Scumbags
I was very amused and pleased with Kirk Semple's article "Crime and Nourishment" (April 11). Catchy title, too. My mother and I could not believe the shadiness and scum that goes on in Miami's finest restaurants. Of course, we would not include Denny's in that category.

This article has proven all too well that the scourge of drugs is prevalent not only in Miami's poor and destitute areas, but in the wealthy and affluent areas as well.

Giovanni Tummolillo, Stefano and Linda Brandino -- let all those scumbags go to hell.

Trent Davis


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