Want Not, Save Not
I was so surprised to read that an average of only two people on every flight abstain from the famous airplane food ("Getting Wasted at 35,000 Feet" by Kirk Semple, September 26). I was expecting something like only two people would take it from every flight. I'm pretty sure Jen Karetnick would agree. I would never eat airplane food, even if they told me it would be my last meal in this lifetime. Maybe that's why they'd never give it to the homeless or poor people. Probably they tried and nobody ate it.

Brih Mendiola
Coconut Grove

Return to Sender
I am writing in reference to the article written by Sean Rowe in the September 26 issue ("Gimme Subterranean Shelter"). Timothy Ivory relates his experiences with "fights, shootings, people screaming, the police," et cetera, at Nineteenth and Ocean Drive before he moved into isolation and apparent safety in an atomic shelter in Coconut Grove. I agree that parts of Ocean Drive can be rowdy, vulgar, and even treacherous, but the problem with this tale is that there is no Ocean Drive at Nineteenth Street. Does this impeach the rest of the story?

Mark A. LaPorta, M.D.
Miami Beach

Editor's note: Mr. Ivory actually lived at Nineteenth and Washington, but mistakenly said Ocean. We regret not catching the error.

Crucial to the Cruisers
I'm writing to thank Kathy Glasgow and New Times for the incredible depiction of a tragedy in the history of the gay cruising culture ("Dangerous Liaisons," August 22). She has very effectively stated and presented the dangers that this type of lifestyle presents to anyone, not necessarily only gay men. My hat's off to you, girlfriend!

Coleman Bell


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