Best Deliberately Offensive Falsehoods
On behalf of our family of on-air jazz personnel, I would like to congratulate Steve Malagodi and his Modern School of Modern Jazz and More program on WLRN-FM (91.3) for once again winning the Best Jazz Radio Program category in the latest "Best of Miami" issue (May 15). It is well deserved.

What was strange about that award was that the facts were wrong. That cannot go unaddressed. This is not a matter of sour grapes or professional jealousy. And it is not an attack on WLRN, whose jazz programmers we consider our friends and colleagues. This statement, however, is completely false: "[WLRN features] more than 40 hours per week of quality jazz programming, more than any other station in Florida." WUSF-FM in Tampa programs more than 48 hours of jazz each week. Here at WDNA-FM we air more than 110 hours of jazz per week.

Furthermore, it is obvious that the editorial staff of New Times deliberately intended to offend WDNA and its listeners by publishing more falsehoods in another category, Best Reggae Radio Program. In bestowing the award on Steve Radzi's Reggae Beat as the best reggae show, the editorial staff once again got the facts wrong.

The references to "political infighting, egomania, and chaotic programming" are of an era long gone. The last six years have been the most stable period in the seventeen-year history of the station. We have gone from a free-form format where anything goes to being the acknowledged leader in jazz programming. We were recently nominated as Jazz Station of the Year by our sister jazz stations across the country. We are the leader of the entire world in Latin dance and Latin jazz music, and we have brought world-class programming to Miami with the prestigious BBC, Monitor News, Radio Espana, Radio France, Playboy Jazz, and other satellite broadcasts. Reggae Beat is the longest-running reggae show in the world and we are proud of it.

I would also like to clarify the musical references made in Best Latin Music Radio Program, which we were awarded. "Rancheros" I assume was a reference to Mexican ranchera music, which we do not play. "Songoi" must mean songo, a rhythm we do play.

Arturo Gomez-Cruz, music director
WDNA-FM (88.9)

Best Defense of Mommy Dearest
As I read through the "Best of Miami" I was greatly taken aback when I came to the category "Best Boner: Anita Bock." Not only is she an amazing woman, and a woman who has done a fantastic job with limited resources (along with the constant battering of inept media and writers such as yourselves), but she is also my mother. I am appalled that you have nothing better to write about, and that you took the incident completely out of context.

I find it hard to believe that in a city such as Miami, and in an organization as large as the state Department of Children and Families, you were unable to come up with something good that Anita Bock has done for this city and the people she serves. If I were you, I would be ashamed of my lack of journalism skills -- if one can even call them that. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of wonderful and selfless acts that Anita Bock performs on a daily basis. I wonder where you writers are when she fights for the people she serves on a shamefully low budget and deals with bureaucrats who couldn't care less whether the people they serve, but never see, live or die. Where are you when a child gets a chance at a better life because my mother is not a bureaucrat and because she cares? I have never seen you print a story on that, and for that you should be ashamed.

Instead of finding something inconsequential to write about, why not do what real journalists of any integrity would do: Look for the people in this community who do so much more than you are obviously capable of. Instead of misquoting her on the Operation Greenpalm issue and taking it out of context, why not take the time to research and write something that she should be recognized for, like her kindness and her true belief that this community and all the people served by the Department of Children and Families deserve a chance at a better life? Why not take your "team" of writers and have them volunteer one weekend with the babies who have HIV or are addicted to cocaine? Why not do that instead of wasting your readers' time and insulting our intellect?

Justine Bock

Best Wheat Germ and Bean Sprouts Flattery
We at Wild Oats Community Market want to thank New Times for selecting us as Best Health-Food Store. We were flattered by your detailed and accurate descriptions and will strive toward winning this prestigious distinction again next year.

We will gladly pass along to our corporate headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, your desire for a Dade store.

Twyla Ryan, general manager
Wild Oats Community Market
Fort Lauderdale


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