The Very Best Politicians Ethnicity and Religion Can Offer
From reading Ted B.
Kissell's article "The Body Politic Hits the Beach" (August 14), it appears to me that political consultant Armando Gutierrez was a hypocrite of the worst order when he said a group of Hispanics discussing how not to divide the community was just an innocent political meeting.

I point to the obnoxious organization Miami Beach Unity '97, founded by Gutierrez and others, which would surely divide Miami Beach even further if they succeed. Their goal is to elect a Hispanic and an Orthodox Jew (Simon Cruz and Spencer Eig, respectively) to the Miami Beach City Commission. Not the best candidate for all the citizens of Miami Beach -- just two do-nothing candidates who happen to be Hispanic or Orthodox Jewish and who are both controlled by certain elements of the insider cronies who have ruined Miami Beach government.

Former Miami Beach politico Abe Resnick has stuck his nose into the beginnings of Unity '97. In my opinion, Mr. Resnick is a perfect example of everything wrong with Miami Beach politics being based on religious and ethnic background rather than the ability to do a commissioner's job. Gutierrez, Resnick, and the other divide-and-conquer cretins should be condemned for continuing their racist brand of lowly politics.

Harvey Slavin

Flee Dade, Young Man
Having read Jim DeFede's article "Skid Marks on the Runway" (July 31), and as a former partner in an aviation business that tried to obtain a lease from the Dade County Aviation Department (DCAD) at Tamiami Airport, I have a question for Jim Robinson of JP Aviation Investments:

Mr. Robinson, are you mad?
You are absolutely right; DCAD and county commissioners have no intention of allowing any development at any of the general-aviation airports in Dade -- unless it is at the old Homestead Air Base.

What I fail to understand is why you would want to construct a facility that will cost more than double the Florida average per square foot for hangar buildings. Or why you would want to enter into a lease in which the county has the right to evict you without reason with 30 days' notice, and under which the county can institute lease increases once a year on a whim.

The cost of the facility I had wanted was well over one million dollars, with a debt service of approximately $13,000 per month. A "connected" person was able to lease a facility of the same size for $3700 a month to conduct the same activities I would have.

Mr. Robinson, I can only advise you to take your money and run for your life away from DCAD and the commission while you still have the shirt on your back.

Joel Valle

Hey Pablo, Just How Would You Know?
While I admit I didn't read the referenced article about the Up Front Drug Information Center's Jim Hall ("Dope Detective," July 10), I have to agree with letter writer Toni Leeman regarding pot suppositories being asinine. Sure, it sounds like a good idea, but believe me, you don't get high, the munchies are terrible, and the stems and seeds are murder on hemorrhoids.

Pablo Bezzo

The Fino Word on Angel
I want to congratulate Robert Andrew Powell on his article "Horse Attitudes" (June 26), covering the story of Mr. Angel Usategui, his contributions to the paso fino horse, and the series of unfortunate incidents that have deprived him of his well-deserved position as senior judge. The article was highly educational, well-balanced, and perhaps will help bring justice for Mr. Usategui.

Please do a followup! I am very interested in knowing what happens in the end.

Alice Miller
Shaftsbury, Vermont

Grant Angel His Judging Wings
I want to let you know how much I enjoyed Robert Andrew Powell's "Horse Attitudes." It is a prime example of a carefully researched and well-documented piece of journalism.

Angel Usategui needed his story to be brought to the public's attention. A great injustice has been done to him. Hopefully the board of directors of the Paso Fino Horse Association will serve justice and restore Mr. Usategui to his position as senior certified judge.

Lourdes Alvarez
Atco, New Jersey

Who Will Change Sly's Diapers?
Paula Park's article on "Stallonegate" ("Good Fences, Bad Neighbors," June 26) was both enlightening and hysterical. Is this not the man who has portrayed indestructible and magnanimous heroes such as Rocky and Rambo?

Perhaps rather than inconvenience the hundreds of people who use Alice Wainwright Park, Sly and his wealthy neighbors should hire his mother as a night patrol. This way she could change his diaper, refill his bottle, and make sure he hasn't dropped his rattle. Or they could ask Madonna to cruise the perimeter wearing her rocket bra. That ought to scare the crap out of anyone contemplating criminal activity. Failing that, they could always whip out their hundred-million-dollar checkbooks and buy the park.

Better yet, they could take their peanut-brained, muscle-bound gorilla bodyguards and live elsewhere. Fiji is nice.

Mike Roe


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