Jockey Club Bad, Jockey Complex Good
It was with great dismay that we read Ted B. Kissell's article about the Jockey Club ("The Jockey Club's Wild Ride," December 11). The first question that came to mind was "Why?" What was the purpose of the article? Sensationalism? Gossip?

While Mr. Kissell's history of the Jockey Club was fairly accurate, it neglected to differentiate the "club" from the total Jockey Club complex. The "Jockey Club" referred to in your article represents only the restaurant and the marina and is a microcosm of the total property, composed of three condominiums with a total of 411 apartments. Each condo is an independent entity, though the individual boards are joined together by a homeowner's association.

Whether the restaurant functions or not, the residents still enjoy one of the finest residential developments in all of Miami. It is situated on the most beautiful waterfront property on Biscayne Bay, with 25 acres of manicured, landscaped grounds, fourteen tennis courts, three swimming pools, and two fully equipped spas in a secure, gated community. The property is now being completely maintained by the homeowner's association better than ever before, and with no financial input from the Jockey "club." Fiscally, the three condominiums are extremely secure, with reserves of more than two million dollars. And they are very well managed.

Those of us who live at the Jockey Club enjoy a lifestyle second to none, and we look forward to the re-emergence of the restaurant and marina better than it was in its heyday. We are alive and doing very well.

Dr. Morton Rosenbluth
Jack Waxenberg
Henry Tavs
Jockey Club Homeowner's Association

Liberate Miss Liberty!
From what Jacob Bernstein wrote ("Mudslinging Matriarchs," December 11), Miss Eunice Liberty seems to be of sound mind. But if Judge Arthur Rothenberg continues to rule that she needs a legal guardian, surely he should remove the woman Miss Liberty despises, Georgia Ayers, and appoint someone she can try to tolerate. It is unfair to continue this miserable situation.

Geraldine Dahlin

Many Thanks, Ricardo Ferreira
I would like to take this moment to thank Ricardo Ferreira for pointing out my shortcomings in so lucid a manner ("Letters," December 4). I never realized I had a reading disability. On the contrary, Sister Mary Alda, my eighth-grade teacher, thought I read rather well, but what did she know? She was only a nun, not the spokesman for God that Mr. Ferreira is.

I also did not realize I was blaming others, pointing fingers, and playing the victim. All I asked Mr. Ferreira to do was address other pressing social problems in our society with the same dedication and vehemence he is focusing on homosexuality -- a subject, I assume, he knows little about.

But then again, with the knack I have for assuming what other people think or do, as Mr. Ferreira so astutely noted, maybe he knows more about homosexuality than one could imagine.

Frank Troha
Coconut Grove

Don't Pray for Me, Ricardo Ferreira
To Ricardo Ferreira and people like him: As a gay person I am not at all interested in imposing my so-called-by-him sinful lifestyle on anyone else. I am also not interested in hearing about his God and his narrow-minded beliefs. Do not pray for me. I do not need individuals like you doing anything for me. Pray to God to give you some heart, because you lack one.

Actually, you lack more, but let's leave it at this.
Bernardo Gutierrez
Miami Beach

I, Ricardo Ferreira, Did Not Write That Damnable Headline
I take objection to your headline over my most recent letter: "God Hates Homos -- Just Ask Him." First, it was not my headline. Second, God does not hate anyone. And third, you must take responsibility for that headline. It was not only offensive but an insult to anyone who believes in God and Christianity.

Ricardo Ferreira

Dense, Snide Film Haters
You need to replace the misguided set of pseudointellectuals who do your film reviews. What a dense, snide bunch. And they usually reveal the end of the movie.

They seem immune to the idea of genre. They're surprised that an action movie has two-dimensional characters or a romantic comedy is contrived. Find some new blood to write the column -- people who actually like film.

Lili Chambers


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