New Times Sleeps While Miami Rots
"If You Indict, They Will Come" (April 16) was a nice showcase for your graphics department. I'm also happy to see two full pages of strip-club ads join the wonderful assortment of cosmetic surgery, lingerie, bikini, and soft-porn ads you folks litter the streets with each week. Keep up the good work. Ben Franklin would be proud!

Given the fact that Dade's seaport apparently has been doing a healthy business in passing around money, and that the Miami Herald's owner can just come crashing into any government meeting he feels like and proclaim that he has just struck a deal to save Miami, it pretty much goes to show that a clever graphics department at New Times is the safest way to be involved without actually engaging in journalism. Either that or you guys are scared. Or maybe just asleep.

Pablo Bezzo

It's an Humbertico-Lunetta-Kaplan Trifecta!
Regarding "If You Indict, They Will Come," here's another tourist trap that can be added to Miami: an odds board. It would be sort of like off-track betting, only this board would post the odds of some corrupt piece of garbage's chances of being re-elected to office.

For example, an indicted candidate who will go on trial in the near future could be 5-2 for re-election. But if he's already been found guilty, the odds would naturally drop -- say, 6-5.

Hey, why not? With the great group we have to pick from in South Florida, isn't it already gambling?

David Magnusson

Let Steinback Sing
With regard to "If You Indict, They Will Come," I know well the reaction of the raised eyebrow when I'm visiting other cities and declare Miami to be my home. That being said, I fail to understand how Robert Steinback's recreational activities have any relevance to local politics. His voice and words are just what this community needs.

Margaret Hebson

Shrouded in Mystery to Protect the Innocent
Congratulations on the great cover story "If You Indict, They Will Come." It should get a Pulitzer Prize. Unfortunately there was no byline. If it was put together by members of the editorial staff, I think they should be acknowledged. Or are you keeping their identities unknown on purpose?

Rey Baumel

If They Pay for It, They Will Build
At first the idea of a 200-foot mountain on Watson Island sounded silly. But when I read Robert Andrew Powell's article "Bringing the Mountain to Miami" (April 16) and learned that developer David Plattner is not asking taxpayers for any money, I changed my mind!

I believe downtown Miami needs another tourist attraction, something world-class. Whenever friends from up North come to visit me, they always stop in Orlando on the way down. How do I compete? I would not be embarrassed to take out-of-town guests to a $300 million Mt. Miami.

Daniel E. Morgenthaler
Miami Shores

The Panther and I Say Goodbye
After reading Sean Rowe's "Bureaucrats Play 'Skim the Cat,'" (April 16) and learning how state bureaucrats are handling the $25 per tag I thought was going toward protecting the Florida panther, I determined that the panther is not the only endangered species in this state. The bureaucrats can now consider my $50 per year for two tags to be endangered.

And politicians wonder why they get such little respect. Simply disgusting.
Dan Smith

Noriega: Mass Manipulation
Peter Eisner's article on Manuel Noriega was very interesting ("Uncertain Justice," March 26). It is disturbing to find a number of people in positions of power who believe the ends really do justify the means, enough to warrant an invasion. Can the press -- and consequently the nation -- be so easily manipulated?

J. Livingston

He'll Drink to That
Regarding Kirk Nielsen's story about Bacardi's new "Cuba Libre" dance ("The Cuba Libre Hustle," March 19), remember that in 1898 Coca-Cola contained cocaine. It is no coincidence they are both called coke.

As one who believes that Cuba became free in 1959, I also believe that Cubans on the island still make the best rum for a real Cuba Libre.

Tony Thomas
North Miami Beach


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