Alianza Nacional: Lost, Loony, and Illiterate
It is with dismay, disgust, and horror that I read Alex Salinas's article on Andres Orta ("A Mind in Exile") in your June 10 issue. Poor bastard! Orta is waaaaay off course here. Obviously he is not very well informed on many issues. His diatribe and misinformation are sheer pap.

For beginners there exists a crystal clear distinction between Semitic and Zionist. The term Semitic was first coined eons ago by a German anthropologist to describe several ethnic groupings belonging to the Caucasian descendants of Shem, son of Noah. This family includes the Arabs, Phoenicians, Amharic, Ethiopian, Akkadian, Babylonians and Aramaic (the language Jesus spoke), AND Hebrews -- NOT Jews. Modern Jews are descendants of the Khazars, a nation that flourished in the seventh, eighth, and ninth centuries A.D in what today is southern Russia. You don't believe me? Read professor H. Graetz's voluminous History of the Jews.

I seriously doubt Andres Orta has the mental capacity to grasp the very concept!

Among some of the least amusing nonsense he utters is his denunciation of Alex Penelas as a peon of Zionist power (who, obviously, would turn Miami into another Sodom and Gomorrah!?!???)

A monster is a monster regardless of ethnic background. Consider Saddam Hussein and Slobodan Milosevic. Does the fact that Karl Marx came from a family that gave the world six rabbis make capitalism any more inviting? Me thinks not. Clinton a Jew? Al Gore a Jew? Right. I suppose Anita Bryant is a lesbian, too, and a peon of the Trilateral Commission!

For all the venom he spews, I'm risking a bet that Mr. Orta is blissfully ignorant of the results of the outcome of the 1947 United Nations vote on the partition of Palestine -- which might just explain the perpetual tirade against Cuba and Cubans by "the powers that be." On that fateful November 29, Cuba became one of just two Christian nations that vehemently opposed the establishment of a Zionist entity in the Holy Land.

I suggest, lastly, to Senor Orta that he read George W. Robnett's Conquest Through Immigration, William W. Baker's Theft of a Nation, Sami Hadawi's Bitter Harvest, or Richard Horowitz's It Takes One to Know One. (Here's an anti-Zionist Jew!!!) THEN he can remove his foot from his mouth!!!

Armando Levi

Don't Trust Andres with an Eva Braun Look-Alike!
I really found Alex Salinas's article very interesting, provocative, and even amusing. Here are some observations and comments:

Salinas terms Orta "a short, thin, and neatly groomed man...." He certainly appears to be very similar to another short, thin, and neatly groomed man who also wasn't very fond of the Jews. Mustache anyone?

I'd like to thank Mr. Orta for helping me get in touch with my communist side. I am a Jewish American and this side was deeply repressed. Now I plan on wearing a Karl Marx costume this Halloween.

Orta is quoted as saying, "The communists have erased all the signs of our identity: our ethnicity, family values, our culture. Our Spanish heritage is gone." Is he really living in Miami? Then he says, "the Jewish mafia ... has absolute control of the money and press." I'm a bit confused here. Is he referring to the pandering to the Cuban community by the Herald? I've lived in Miami since 1957 and, as I've stated, I am Jewish. I've always wanted a free Cuba. I only hope that when the island opens up, Orta finds no reasons (or excuses) to stay here. I'd like to see Miami once again liberated.

Joe Graubart
PS The title of the article, "A Mind in Exile," ironically seems pretty accurate.

A Segregationist Strikes Back
My name is Andres Orta and in your June 10 issue you published the interview I agreed to do with your reporter Alex Salinas. The text more or less corresponds to my declarations, but what has nothing to do with my words, is the insidious title of the article.

At no time did I say that " ... the enemies of the Cuban people are the Jews and the blacks...." I said the great enemy of Cuban liberty is international Zionism, which used its communist tool to sink my homeland in tyranny, terror, slavery, and misery. Never did I refer to the Jewish people as my enemy. My enemy is the Zionist mafia that wants to dominate all countries of this planet.

I also do not consider the black people to be enemies of Cuba, but I do believe Cuba (which in 1959 was a white nation) has lost its identity, having been submitted by communist tyranny to an Africanization program. That is why Alianza Nacional wants segregation for the future free Cuba; we want to regain the moral, family, and spiritual values of our European-Christian heritage so each race will be able to progress separately with equal opportunities for all.

One more thing: The symbol of Alianza Nacional's flag is not a swastika. It is the cross of Christ's militia, which was a medal awarded from Medieval times until Pope Pius XII's death. The church gave this medal to those people who distinguished themselves for their services to Christianity.

Andres Orta Candal
Alianza Nacional

A Diverse, Democratic Cuba. Just Imagine It, You Ninny!
I enjoyed Alex Salinas's article. I am a black Cuban who has learned to live a life of opportunity in a democratic country. Over the years I have reached the sincere belief that most Cuban political groups are right-wing. They want to regain control of the island and return it to oppression. They criticize the American form of government as soft on its enemies and crime. They ignore the Constitution. Most Cubans like the extreme power of dictatorship, but only if it is in their hands. Not surprisingly they term those who disagree traitors, communists, liberals, or just the enemy.

I believe that it's time to end the embargo. It has failed. We rebuilt Germany, Japan, and Italy after World War II. We traded with the Soviet Union and the communist bloc. We re-established commercial dealings with Vietnam. And we treated China well despite human rights violations and theft of secrets.

But when it comes to Cuba, a tiny island with almost no resources, why does the Cuban exile leadership so actively oppose lifting the embargo? The only two sides benefiting from it are Castro and the exile leaders. Castro gains because he can blame all Cubans' problems on the United States. And the leadership of the Cuban exile has disregarded our fellow countrymen who have endured 40 years of deprivation. The Cuban people should know the right wing is using the embargo to facilitate its return to power. Cuba may enter an era worse than it has known. The exile leadership does not care about people. It cares about its own gain.

This brings us to Andres Orta, who is a frustrated Galician and fascist. Cuba is and should remain a melting pot. He is mistaken. The Cuban black population has not risen in prestige of late; it has always been a large number with no political representation. Since the island was a Spanish colony, all governments have been white. Maybe it is time for an all-inclusive, democratic group to take control. I would rather see Cuba sink into the ocean than return to segregation and right-wing dictatorship.

Cuba must return to a truly democratic political system. We have the opportunity to start fresh, I encourage my fellow countrymen to show the world what we are capable of doing. If we rise up, there is not an inch of Cuba that will remain under the flag of oppression and segregation. Every decent Cuban will join us.

God created us in his image and likeness. No one has seen God except his beloved son Jesus. So why do some people who call themselves Christians define which color is better than others? God bless Cuba and protect us from evildoers!

Bruno E. Santos

Burn the Books. Bring on the Monopoly.
I am writing in response to Ted Kissell's June 10 article, "What's My Lineage?" Lineage has always been a factor in Miami-Dade County Public Schools' hiring. In 1974, before I could get a job as a teacher at a junior high, the principal had to find an African-American teacher to maintain racial balance. I went out and found him such a teacher, then got my job. Now your advancement is based on your background as well as the ever-popular "who you know." There is nothing new in the public schools, just more administrative games while teachers burn out. I'm retired!

Charles E. Curry, Jr.

More on Sex-Harassment High
There was a nice article in your May 27 issue, titled "No Class." Though Ted B. Kissell did a good job, he didn't come up with a solution. My suggestion would be to have attorney W. George Allen's fee divided evenly among the members of the Miami-Dade County School Board. They don't seem to take much interest in the children under their care, so this would be easy for them. I would even give a discount to board members who have taken the time to ask some of the teachers at William Clarke's school (in private of course): "What kind of a principal is Mr. Clarke?"

John A. Brennan

If You Think Biking Is Risky in Gainsville, Try Miami
I am writing in response to Kirk Nielsen's article "A Vicious Cycle" (May 20). My opinion: Bike riding on the streets of Miami-Dade County is extremely dangerous. It's risky enough just to drive a car! Using anything less than a full-size auto means putting your life on the line. I think we all agree there are a lot of crazy drivers out there. Are we willing to put ourselves at greater risk just to save a few dollars? When I was studying at the University of Florida in Gainesville, I used a bike to get around the huge campus. But I had an accident once when a car stopped at a green light to let a bus make a left turn. Unfortunately, he didn't consult me. I had built up good speed from a hill before the light so I had a choice of getting run over by the bus or grounding the bike!

And, if I remember correctly, Alachua County, where UF is located, has one of the highest death rates in Florida for bicyclists.

Randy Koper

Take This Curve Ball and Cram It, You Zealots
I am writing in response to Lissette Corsa's article "A Miami Miracle" (May 13). Has anyone who flocks to Rosa Lopez's house or the statue near Elizabeth Cantu's place to see the Virgin Mary ever stopped to wonder why these sightings never take place where they're truly needed: Kosovo, Rwanda, or even Columbine High School?

People try to cram religion down other people's throats and as a result, water it down to something of a Greek tragedy.

I believe strongly in God. I do not believe strongly in organized religion or the lemming mentality that comes with it. I also believe strongly in miracles. How else could you explain the 1969 Mets?

David Magnusson

Owing to a reporting error, in the theater review of Love's Fire (June 10, 1999) by Actors' Project Theatre Company, the director of one skit was misidentified. John Fionte directed The General of Hot Desire. New Times regrets the error.


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