LeMieux Is the New Darling of the Homosexual Extremists

​Remember when Mel Martinez deemed his primary opponent Bill McCollum as the "new darling of the homosexual extremists?" Well, now he's being replaced by the new new darling of the homosexual extremists. 

The combined forces of

the Times/Herald
are trying to stir up some controversy by dragging out quotes George LeMieux made 11 years ago

that give the impression he doesn't totally hate homosexuals. Naturally, they presume, not hating homosexuals is at odds with the virtues of the Republican Party. 

In 1998, LeMieux ran for a state House seat in Broward County, in a district that included the gayborhood of Wilton Manors. Naturally, he lost in superblue Broward, but he tried his darnedest. 

During the campaign, he said Florida's ban of gay adoption should be lifted. He also favored domestic partnership laws as a way of extending health care and other benefits. He gave a non-answer on gay marriage, saying personally he opposed it but ultimately it should be left open to the voters. 

Jeez, this guy sounds like noted superliberal Dick Cheney. Will the conservatives ever be able to accept such obviously anti-American blasphemy? 


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