LeBron James, Marlins Fan?

LeBron James, Marlins Fan?

This LeBron James character is a tough one to figure out. We want to love him. But is he but a grifter, on the rebound from a monster relationship, trying to cheaply win our heart?

A couple years back, LeBron caught major flack in Cleveland for wearing the cap of his favorite baseball team, the Yankees, to an Indians game.

But over the weekend, LeBron joined Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in the owner's box at Sun Life Stadium, and was photographed wearing a Marlins hat. Has the Chosen One really chosen a new favorite baseball team with a payroll that's likely less than his overall annual income-- or is he just trying to pander to us?

If it's the latter, it's yet another sign that LeBron doesn't know much about the hearts he's trying to win. After all, 80 percent of Miamians are Yankees fans. The rest are into jai alai.


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