LeBron James Gets Generic New Lion Logo

Nike knows LeBron James is special. He has the heart of a lion they say, but the new logo they've unveiled or the Heat star's latest apparel line is pretty generic. Dubbed the "Lion 6" logo, LeBron actually debuted the logo while wearing a prototype of an off-the-court jacket during last season, but fans haven't been able to buy gear sporting the lion until now. Just don't be surprised if someone thinks you picked up LeBron's clothes at Target or Express.

Since LeBron is "The King" after all, the mark is a homage to the lion symbols found on the coats of arms of various centuries-dead English monarchs. Though, its pretty similar in shape to the embroidery used on Mossimmo-brand polos.

LeBron James Gets Generic New Lion Logo

Nor is it dissimilar from the markings found on Express men's polos.

LeBron James Gets Generic New Lion Logo

Michael Jordan's Jumpman is the gold standard of individual athlete's logos not just because of Jordan, but because it's distinct. LeBron's new marking, well, is pretty uninspired. Though, you can pick up clothes baring the lion today. The cheapest item: a $100 hoodie.

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