Laura Bush Loves Miami Springs

Laura Bush is just about the most popular public figure connected to the current White House, probably because, unlike her predecessor, she isn't much involved in policy and is unconnected to most of the mess her husband created. She does have one little position, though, as honorary chair of some program Dubya created, called Preserve America.

The program aims to help communities maintain their heritage (because, I guess, Bush thinks cultural change is bad, things should always stay the same, and we should never forget our white Christian heritage), and Miami Springs is the latest city to have the honor of being named a Preserve America Community.

Among the awards Miami Springs gets? A shiny new road sign, a listing

in some web directory, a certificate of designation, and of course the

dubious honor of being recognized by the Bush administration!

The only thing that really matters is the city will be eligible

for some grant money to preserve its heritage and whatnot. But the largest grant amount available is $250.

-- Kyle Munzenrieder


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