Last Time Unemployment Was This High It Was A Pretty Good Year For Miami

Unemployment in America has reached 8.5%, the highest it's been since 1983! Egads! Remember those horrible times of 1983 -- I don't, because I was not born -- but it actually seems that 1983 was a banner year for Miami. Maybe history will repeat itself.

  • The Miami Hurricanes won their first NCAA Division 1-A football championship, kicking off their run as "team of the 80's."
  • The Miami Dolphins meanwhile drafted a quarterback known as Dan Marino, and finished first in the AFC East, four games ahead of the second place Patriots.
  • A movie called Scarface debuted, becoming a touchstone in Miami culture.
  • Christo and Jeanne-Claude completed their work on "Surrounded Islands" foreshadowing Miami's emergence years later as an art city to take seriously.

So maybe you don't have a job right now. Things much bigger, and much more important than your individual needs happened the last time we were in this mess, so cheer up, eh?

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