Kim Kardashian Floats Into the Sunrise...Mall

Kim Kardashian Floats Into the Sunrise...Mall
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There are very few things that a Kardashian can't do. They can turn forgetting to take your bc pills and unprotected sex into an adorable anecdote! They can force you into the background of your own wedding picture! And now they can materialize in Sunrise, Florida to celebrate the opening of a store where nothing costs more than $100. Well, the Kim Kardashian can. She'll be at Sawgrass Mills from 6 to 9 p.m. to fete the opening of A'GACI, a store where trendy and cheap are the couture du jour and "sale" means that items drop below ten bucks.

Check out Kim's five favorite looks or just ogle Reggie Bush's two favorite cheeks, but you have to email to get on the list.

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