Kim Kardashian Caught Pooping in Hotel Pool

After she and Reggie Bush called it quits last week, Kim Kardashian needed a little post-breakup "me" time, so she spent the weekend relaxing at the Cinco Lunas hotel and resort in Miami Beach.

As it turns out, the reality-TV starlet and Quick Trim pill pusher got a little too relaxed. She ordered a shiatsu massage. She got some acupuncture. Then she pooped in the pool. Yes, pooped.

"I watched her jump in," says Todd Lashley, a hotel guest. "And I already had my phone out to take a picture. I think she thought she passed gas or something 'cause she just fixed her bathing suit and kept swimming."

That's when a small piece of feces floated to the surface.

"It wasn't a full-blown log, but it wasn't a rabbit turd either," Lashley laughs. "I guess she's so full of crap she has a hard time holding it in."


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