Key West Residents to Send Rick Scott a Giant Jar of Their Urine

Rick Scott really is a big fan of having people pee in cups. He plans to start mandatory drug testing for both welfare recipients and state employees, but not everyone is on board with the plan. A group of Key West citizen calling themselves Committee for the Positive Insistence on a Sane Society (Yes, Committee for P.I.S.S.) wants to give Scott a piece of their mind and a sample from their bladder.

This weekend members gathered to take a collective urine sample and plan to send it to the governor.

"In one breath our CEO professes to be focusing on cutting wasteful government spending and laying off tens of thousands of state employees, while at the same time he announces a program to drug test state employees without any legitimate basis for such an invasion of privacy," attorney Robert Cinton wrote in the press release, according to Naked Politics.

The sample of collective urine will be sent to Scott in Tallahassee. God bless the mail room clerk who has to deal with that.

Maybe it's too much to ask the committee for P.I.S.S. to label its gift as "Special Key West-style Lemonade."

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