Julia Yarbough Says Goodbye to NBC6 This Week

It seems WTVJ's Julia Yarbough really is packing up her gym bags. SFLTV reports that Tuesday will be the news anchor's last day after more than a decade at the station. Yarbough isn't leaving for a cushier gig at another station; she plans to get a master's degree in international business and a personal training certification.

After Dwight Lauderdale's retirement last year from WPLG, Yarbough became the most prominent African-American anchor in South Florida. Her exit might leave us without an African-American anchor in prime time at a major station for the first time in more than two decades.

She's also the latest in a string of high-profile talent to leave WTVJ. Joel Connable was fired earlier this year, and longtime on-air talent Kelly Craig left in June.


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