Jose Padilla and Super Pimp Arthur Van Moor Suffer

It's a big day for the South Florida courts today, what with the conviction of superpimp Arthur Vanmoor and sentencing of dirty-bomber, Jose Padilla, to 17 years.

Vanmoor, who was profiled by New Times in 2004, once owned 90 percent of the escort businesses listed in the Fort Lauderdale phone book. He also sold fake cancer cures. Van Moor is going down for 19 counts. Sentencing is still a ways off.

Padilla, also profiled by New Times, is going to the can for conspiring to support Islamic extremists. Perhaps the most interesting thing about his case is that much of the evidence against him couldn't be used in court because the Bush administration doesn't respect Constitutional Rights

Congrats to prosecutors all around! To George W. Bush, I say, you stink.

Chuck Strouse.


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