Joey Porter and His Mouth Fired by the Dolphins

Joey Porter's contract has been terminated by the Miami Dolphins. This comes after Porter's very public two-week campaign demanding that the Fins either play him as a full-time starter or let him go.

Late last month, Porter went on a media rampage, making stops on ESPN and WQAM, complaining of Coach Tony Sparano's decision to bench him against Tampa Bay, his new role as a rotation player, and claiming he only talked to Sparano on Sundays and hadn't talked to Bill Parcells since November.

Porter was a solid player in Miami, stuck with the team through that unfortunate 2007 season, and helped turn them around in 2008, but when all is said and done he might be remembered more for what came out of his mouth than anything he did on the field.

In some respects, we'll be sad to see a major player like Porter go, but it's ugly to watch someone so publicly put himself above the team, the fans, and the city they represent. 


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