Joaquin Phoenix's Pretending-to-Go-Crazy Documentary, Featuring LIV Footage, Is Coming Soon

One of the first and only stops on Joaquin Phoenix's Boring Insanity Tour was Fontainebleu's LIV, where the actor-turned-mumbly-rapper who brawled with audience members at every show brawled with an audience member.

Our reviewer Tracy Block yawned at what she predicted was contrived fodder for a mockumentary filmed by Casey Affleck:

We're calling your bluff, loser. We just hope the film is worth touring around the country looking like a dirty asshole who hasn't showered in three months.

Well, Casey Affleck's film on Phoenix's probably-planned spiral into craziness, titled "I'm Still Here: The Lost Year of Joaquin Phoenix," will be released this summer, and now it's the whole world's turn to yawn.

It's all way too neat-- especially since Phoenix is reportedly back to acting and has been rumored to be cast as the next Hulk. People just don't go completely Mountain Main Eminem insane for a year and then immediately return to their Blockbuster-actin' clean-shaven selves.

We're all for turning your life into a practical joke. But when Andy Kauffman did it, it was all at once hilarious, believable and outrageous. Joaquin Phoenix's version was just half-assed, flat, and lame.


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