Is Bravo Making Another Go at Miami Social?

Is Bravo Making Another Go at Miami Social?

Our favorite reality show that we loved to hate, Miami Social, didn't do so well in the ratings. So it seemed it wouldn't get a second season.

But industry bible the the Hollywood Reporter says Bravo is adding a fifth franchise to the Real Housewives series. No, not in Miami, but in Beverly Hills. But it does mention execs have greenlighted a series called Miami Social Club, described as a "docu-series about Miami's social elite."

THR says it's a new show, but besides the word club added at the end, it sounds exactly like the old one.

Update: Apparently, it'll be the same general idea but with a brand-new, younger cast.

We'll update the post when we learn more. In the meantime: Honestly, Bravo, as long as you're renewing/reworking lowly rated guilty pleasures, can we please get a second season of NYC Prep?

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