Introducing The Juice

Introducing The Juice

So for a while now, our Broward New Times brethren blog spot has been home to The Daily Pulp, your first stop for all South Florida media news and gossip. Now Pulp has a new sibling of sorts. Please welcome The Juice, a blog all about Orenthal James Simpson the, uh, juiciest stories going down north of Miami. It is essentially the Broward/Palm Beach equivalent of Riptide. To get you started, here's a quick Juice cocktail:

So please enjoy. Just don't leave Riptide for the Juice. I mean, we're down with an open relationship, even the occasional three-way, but if you ever out-and-out leave us, our hearts will break into a million tiny pieces that will be washed away in the riptide of our tears.


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