In His Own Words

From afar, the folks who make up the Miami-Dade County Commission appear to organize themselves along the lines of a high-school student body. There's Joe Martinez the jock; Katy Sorenson the "A" student, raising her hand to answer every question; Dennis Moss the earnest student government geek. And then there's Dorrin Rolle, the class clown. Consider his bid to become chair of the county commission on November 30.

He may have started off flowery and verbose -- "Leaders are much like eagles, they don't flock. You find them one at a time" -- but soon was going for the easy laugh. "I'm proud and pleased and privileged to have my name be placed in nomination ... I offer my ability to fight the good fight, my capacity to bring about a consensus ... my sense of humor to disengage tension and bring about a sense of levity. And lastly and finally, my ability to amalgamate words and phenomalgate words that can sometimes boggle my own mind...

"As I close, I will simply leave you with the immortal words of the founders of Bartles & Jaymes: Thank you for your support."


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