In Da Dog House

Bad dog.

In a report issued today, the Humane Society of the United States says a fur collar on a jacket sold by Miami resident Sean "Diddy" Combs's "Sean John" clothing line is that of a dog.

The HSUS tested the fur on a Sean John Hooded Snorkel Jacket, available at Macy's. The outerwear was "labeled as containing 'raccoon' fur, which has now been found to come from a canine species known as raccoon dog."

Apparently it's not uncommon for raccoon dog fur from China to be mislabeled as coming from a raccoon or coyote. Two days ago similar charges were leveled at apparel sold by J.C. Penney and Burlington Coat Factory. Their alleged misdeeds — and those of Diddy's company's -- would be a violation of federal law, which forbids the mislabeling of fur products. -Frank Houston


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