Hungry Miami Grads Hit the Street

News buffs might remember a split-second appearance by Tessa Boudreaux -- unemployed marketing extraordinaire -- on Channel 10 this past Thursday. It came during the obligatory Economy Sucks story and the recap goes like this: Despite her constant efforts, the articulate, 40 year-old recent University of Miami grad student hasn't been able to get a job for the past three months. So this past week, on US-1 and Southwest 17th Avenue, she made a statement by passing out her resume to cars during morning rush hour. She also held up paper signs that read "Unemployed MBA" and "Hire Me!" -- a la, say, Tyrone Biggums.

"It was embarrassing," she tells Riptide. "Desperate times call for desperate measures." Passersby honked, some nice commuters offered food, and one fine gentleman even propositioned the well-dressed business grad for sex. 

Turns out, her stunt landed her more than just an opportunity to bone a jackass in an expensive car. She actually nabbed a job -- albeit a very temporary one. Yesterday, she started as a secretary for a Coral Gables criminal defense attorney a few hours a week. She types letters, answers phones and gets paid a whopping ten bucks an hour. Don't get her wrong, she appreciates the gesture. "But it's not gonna generate much cash," she says. "I can't pay my mortgage on that."


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